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English at Work

Video Description

These 20 groundbreaking programs combine psychology, linguistics and instructional design, and engage learners through:

  • amusing situations
  • entertaining characters
  • interesting conversations
  • authentic language
  • strong storylines
  • high quality production
  • practical graded activities.

20 FUN ESL VIDEOS Shot on location in USA

For self-study or group ESL lessons at work, school, college or university. Have fun learning English as it is REALLY spoken! Language and instructional design by linguistics expert Dr. Fran Byrnes and Psychologist Eve Ash

Each video has five sections

Language Functions
Explores how we do things with language such as apologizing, agreeing, comparing, giving reasons, explaining, asking etc.

Looks at key elements of grammar and syntax, such as: tenses, comparatives, modals, questions, gerunds, conditionals and more.

Explains common idiomatic expressions that non-English speakers often find confusing.

Helps increase word knowledge by highlighting challenging vocabulary in everyday conversations.

Provides help with English sounds and rhythms for those new to the language.