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Emotional Discipline

Book Description

This realistic guide to living and working with a sense of pleasure and empowerment stresses taking responsibility for feelings, doing things now that will fill an emotional reservoir for later use, reacting to emotionally challenging situations in balanced ways, and making choices to effectively deal with challenges as they arise. A five-step Emotional Discipline process helps readers identify the cause of emotional upset; focus on their body to analyze what they are feeling; focus on their mind, identifying thoughts and the beliefs that are driving them; and choose and apply an emotional discipline strategy. The book's 25 tactics reinforce the concept that a satisfying, energetic life depends on being able to make emotional choices.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Preface
    1. Acknowledgment
  5. Introduction Discovering the Power of Emotional Discipline
    1. What Is Emotional Discipline?
    2. The Promise of Emotional Discipline
    3. The Key Decisions of Emotional Discipline
    4. Choices for Gaining in Power to Choose How You Feel
  6. Part One: Emotional Discipline Foundations
    1. Choice 1: Create Your Emotional Discipline Process
    2. Choice 2: Learn the Key Characteristics of Emotional Discipline
    3. Choice 3: Choose the Meaning of Your Feelings
    4. Choice 4: Increase Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
    5. Choice 5: Feel Your Feelings
    6. Choice 6: Emotional Kung Fu
    7. Choice 7: Weather Emotional Storms
  7. Part Two: Mind
    1. Choice 8: Happiness Is a Choice
    2. Choice 9: Meditate for a Better Life
    3. Choice 10: Mental Reframing
    4. Choice 11: Direct Your Inner Theater
    5. Choice 12: Think and Grow Richly Alive
    6. Choice 13: The Manifesting Power of Positive Thinking
    7. Other Mind-Centered Emotional Discipline Choices
  8. Part Three: Body
    1. Choice 14: Breathe with Healthful Discipline
    2. Choice 15: Enhance Your Emotional Fitness Through Physical Fitness
    3. Choice 16: Inner Jogging: Music and Laughter
    4. Choice 17: Body Work 101: Massage and Beyond
    5. Choice 18: Body Work 102: Tai Chi Movement and More
    6. Choice 19: Flow with Balance
    7. Other Body-Centered Emotional Discipline Choices
  9. Part Four: Spirit
    1. Choice 20: The Power of Silence
    2. Choice 21: The Drama of Subtlety
    3. Choice 22: The Power of Purpose
    4. Choice 23: Have an Out-of-Ego Experience
    5. Choice 24: What About Love?
    6. Choice 25: Get a Life, with Spirit
    7. Other Spirit-Centered Emotional Discipline Choices
    8. Getting Started The Power to Choose How You Feel Motto
    9. The Power to Choose How You Feel Motto
  10. Notes
  11. Index
  12. About the Author
  13. Berrett-Koehler Publishers