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Electronics All-in-One For Dummies, UK Edition

Book Description

Your one-stop UK shop for clear, concise explanations to all the important concepts in electronics and tons of direction for building simple, fun electronic projects.

The 8 mini-books in this 1 volume include:

  • Getting Started with Electronics

  • Working with Basic Components

  • Working with Integrated Circuits

  • Getting into Alternating Current

  • Working with Radio and Infrared

  • Doing Digital Electronics

  • Working with Basic Stamp Processors

  • Building Special Effects

With nearly 900 pages of instruction, Electronics All-in-One For Dummies covers all the bases and provides a fascinating hands-on exploration of electronics.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Book I: Getting Started with Electronics
    1. Chapter 1: Entering the Exciting World of Electronics
    2. Chapter 2: Understanding Electricity
    3. Chapter 3: Creating Your Own Mad-Scientist Lab
    4. Chapter 4: Staying Safe
    5. Chapter 5: Reading Schematic Diagrams
    6. Chapter 6: Building Your Own Electronic Projects
    7. Chapter 7: Uncovering the Secrets of Successful Soldering
    8. Chapter 8: Measuring Circuits with a Multimeter
    9. Chapter 9: Catching Waves with an Oscilloscope
  6. Book II: Working with Basic Electronic Components
    1. Chapter 1: Working with Basic Circuits
    2. Chapter 2: Working with Resistors
    3. Chapter 3: Working with Capacitors
    4. Chapter 4: Working with Inductors
    5. Chapter 5: Working with Diodes and LEDs
    6. Chapter 6: Working with Transistors
  7. Book III: Working with Integrated Circuits
    1. Chapter 1: Introducing Integrated Circuits
    2. Chapter 2: The Fabulous 555 Timer Chip
    3. Chapter 3: Working with Op Amps
  8. Book IV: Getting into Alternating Current
    1. Chapter 1: Understanding Alternating Current
    2. Chapter 2: Working with Mains Voltage
    3. Chapter 3: Supplying Power for Your Electronics Projects
  9. Book V: Working with Radio and Infrared
    1. Chapter 1: Tuning in to Radio
    2. Chapter 2: Building a Crystal Radio
    3. Chapter 3: Working with Infrared
  10. Book VI: Doing Digital Electronics
    1. Chapter 1: Understanding Digital Electronics
    2. Chapter 2: Getting Logical
    3. Chapter 3: Putting Logic Circuits to Work
    4. Chapter 4: Interfacing to Your Computer's Parallel Port
    5. Chapter 5: Getting the Hang of Flip-Flops
  11. Book VII: Working with BASIC Stamp Processors
    1. Chapter 1: Introducing Microcontrollers and the BASIC Stamp
    2. Chapter 2: Programming in PBASIC
    3. Chapter 3: Discovering More PBASIC Programming Tricks
    4. Chapter 4: Adding Sound and Motion to Your BASIC Stamp Projects
  12. Book VIII: Having Fun with Special Effects
    1. Chapter 1: Synchronising Sight and Sound with a Colour-Organ Circuit
    2. Chapter 2: Unearthing Hidden Treasure with a Handy Metal Detector
    3. Chapter 3: Making Light Dance to the Music
    4. Chapter 4: Hacking a Toy to Make a Talking Puppet
  13. About the Authors
  14. Cheat Sheet
  15. Connect with Dummies