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Einstein's Gravity

Book Description

From Science News comes a captivating anthology of articles exploring the concept of gravity and Albert Einstein’s enduring influence on the way humans understand it.

From the ancient Greeks to Galileo to Sir Isaac Newton, gravity has long fascinated scientists and laypeople alike. One of the most mysterious forces in the universe, gravity as a theory has developed and changed over the centuries, but no single person has had as much to do with its evolution, and our understanding, as Albert Einstein.

This collection of articles from the Science News archive looks at Einstein’s development of the general theory of relativity and considers its impact. Thanks to his revisions of Newton's theories, we have come to predict and understand phenomena such as gravitational waves, black holes, and the expansion of the universe. But Einstein did not just provide explanations—his work has raised new questions that scientists continue to investigate today.

Since 1921, Society for Science & the Public has facilitated global understanding of important scientific discoveries and issues. Since the first publication of the Science News-Letter in 1922, they have grown their audience to millions of readers each year. Now, Science News exposes new readers to thrilling concepts and innovative theories in Einstein’s Gravity.

Table of Contents

  1. Einstein’s Gravity
  2. Copyright
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. 1. Birth of a Theory
    1. Getting a grip on gravity
    2. Timeline: Einstein and relativity
    3. Einstein in simple terms
    4. Riots to understand Einstein theory
    5. Relativity passes three tests declared crucial by Einstein
    6. Einstein discusses revolution he caused in scientific thought
    7. Einstein’s last revision
  6. 2. Acing the Tests
    1. General relativity tested
    2. Red shift confirmed
    3. Test theory of relativity
    4. Clock paradox
    5. Two, two—two quasars in one
    6. Einstein’s general relativity: It’s a drag
    7. Einstein unruffled
    8. It isn’t just for astronauts anymore
    9. Ill-starred quest to test Einstein finally pays off
  7. 3. New Views of the Cosmos: From gravitational lensing to gravitational waves
    1. Magnifying the cosmos
    2. The amateur who helped Einstein see the light
    3. Hunting planets with a gravitational lens
    4. A dark view of the universe
    5. Making waves
    6. Pulsar pair ripples spacetime
    7. Physicists detect gravitational waves
    8. Listening for gravity waves
  8. 4. Black Holes and Wormholes
    1. 50 years later, it’s hard to say who named black holes
    2. ‘Black holes’ in space
    3. Black hole silhouette
    4. Where space is sharply curved
    5. Physics at the edge of the universe
    6. Repaired Hubble finds giant black hole
    7. Firm evidence of Milky Way black hole
    8. Black hole’s veil peeled back to reveal bases of powerful jets
    9. Rare trio of supermassive black holes found
    10. The mysterious boundary
    11. Long the stuff of fantasy, wormholes may be coming soon to a telescope near you
  9. 5. A Dark Force
    1. Embracing the dark side
    2. Editor’s Note
    3. Data from galaxy clusters suggests dark energy is constant over time
    4. Einstein passes acceleration test
    5. Dark energy search gets murkier
    6. Cosmic question mark
  10. 6. The Grandest Theory
    1. Clash of the quantum titans
    2. A skeptic of quantum theory explains his misgivings
    3. A high-strung theory
    4. Loops of gravity
    5. Strung together
    6. Tensor networks get entangled with quantum gravity
    7. Holography entangles quantum physics with gravity
    8. Gravity’s long-distance connection
  11. Appendix I. Legacy of a Genius
    1. Einstein read philosophy when only 13 years old
    2. Brain waves of genius
    3. Einstein: The Gourmet of Creativity
    4. Getting into Einstein’s brain
  12. Appendix II. Full citations for articles appearing in this collection
  13. About Science News
  14. About Society for Science & the Public
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