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EGO vs. EQ: How Top Leaders Beat 8 Ego Traps with Emotional Intelligence

Book Description

As leaders climb the corporate ladder of success, the risk of falling into “ego traps” increases, which in turn can hurt business and threaten hard-won success. In EGO vs. EQ, author Jennifer Shirkani presents ways of honing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to eliminate business blind spots. Drawing on real-life anecdotes from the author’s 20 years of coaching and consulting — including stories of success and failure from the leaders of vanguard companies in energy, investment, and health care industries — the book provides documented research on the value of Emotional Intelligence for leaders. EGO vs. EQ explores 8 Ego Traps that leaders too often fall into and the critical role Emotional Intelligence plays in business performance, providing readers with practical tools for raising their own EQ — possibly the most important exercise a senior executive can do to ensure a prolonged and successful career.