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Effective Jenkins: Getting Started with Continuous Integration

Video Description

Learn Continuous Integration, automate your Jenkins projects and get continuous feedback for your upstream & downstream projects

About This Video

  • Full setup up of Jenkins Master & Nodes for building software projects
  • Configure effectively Jenkins to work with git for building and testing your software.
  • A quick start that will focus on all the core Jenkins features

In Detail

Jenkins is one of the most popular continuous integration servers. This popularity became because it is an open source project and a very flexible tool, which you can easily use it to automate all of the steps of your software delivery process on any platform.

This course is designed to give you a foundation of the concepts of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, as well implement those with Jenkins. It will show you how to setup your CI environment, by installing and configuring Jenkins Master/Nodes, giving an introduction to the main parts of the tool and effectively configure Jenkins projects to build and test a software application.

In this first volume, you will understand the key concepts of CI and CD, as well Continuous Deployment. Next, we get started with Jenkins by installing and configuring a Master and Node server. Once this is done, you will understand the main parts of Jenkins and create different types of Jenkins projects to automate everything that you want.We will finish the section by looking to a Java web project and create the necessary steps for build and test it, therefore you can implement it to your real project.