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Dynamics of Diversity: Strategic Programs for Your Organization

Book Description

Diversity is a key element in any successful workplace, but to be successful, a diverse workforce must learn to work together. This book helps you implement a company-wide diversity training program. Learn how to expose key issues, get your management's buy-in, develop and implement your plan, and more.

Coverage includes—

  • To define the meaning of diversity in the workplace

  • To show the desirable elements of a diversity training program

  • To present qualities of good diversity trainers

  • To present the reasons for diversity training

  • Table of Contents

    1. Learning Objectives For:
    2. About the Authors
    3. Preface
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. An Overview of Diversity
      1. What Diversity is
        1. So there are Differences. So What?
        2. Start from Where You are
      2. Why Do Diversity Now?
        1. Work with Changing Demographics
        2. Enhance Management Skills
      3. Why Big Business Supports Diversity
      4. What Can I Do?
        1. But I am only one Person, or one Department
      5. EEO, AA and Diversity: What’s the Difference?
      6. Why Some Diversity Programs Fail
        1. Seven Reasons for Failure
      7. Involving Senior Management
        1. Case in Point
        2. Promote Diversity to Improve Morale and Productivity
      8. How Organizations Benefit from Diversity
        1. Case in Point
    6. Implementing a Five-Step Diversity Training Process
      1. Start with a Vision of Diversity
        1. What the Vision Statement can Do
        2. Diversity Visioning
        3. Quiz
      2. Conduct a Cultural Audit
        1. Audit Goals for Your Organization
        2. A Successful Cultural Audit
        3. How is a Cultural Audit Different?
        4. The Audit, Step by Step
        5. Design a Comprehensive Cultural Audit
        6. Sample Diversity Inventory Survey
        7. Interview Follow-Up Questions
      3. Form a Diversity Task Force
        1. Forming the Task Force
        2. The First Meeting
        3. Early Task Force Meetings: Issues to Address
        4. The Role of Human Resources
      4. Design a Diversity Training Program
        1. Training Design Basics
        2. Other Course Design Considerations
        3. Find Your Focus
        4. Do not get Lost
        5. Diversity Training is Unique
        6. Review
        7. Cofacilitation Enhances the Training
        8. Things Trainer Teams have to Watch For
      5. Train People to Train
        1. Benefits
        2. Costs
        3. Selection Criteria
        4. The Training of Trainers
        5. The Ultimate Diversity Trainer
      6. Summary
        1. Diversity Review Checklist
          1. Bibliography
        2. Other Media
        3. Your Feedback is Important