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Dynamic Posing Guide: Modern Techniques for Digital Photographers

Book Description

Tips, techniques, and inspiration for creating perfect poses

Effectively posing the human body is a challenge for nearly every photographer, from amateur to professional. Understanding how a model's pose, body language, and posture affect a photograph is crucial to success. Author and professional fashion photographer Craig Stidham shows you how to guide a subject's personality through body language, with hundreds of examples and suggestions.

  • Answers critical questions such as: how can a photographer avoid having the subject look awkward? How does one direct both experienced and inexperienced models?

  • Shares helpful posing tips and techniques for posing models in new modern and fashion-forward ways

  • Suggests ways to make strategic edits in post-production to fix common posing mistakes

  • Offers hundreds of examples of strong and stunning posing

Dynamic Posing Guide teaches you the skills you need to identify strong modern posing techniques as you strengthen your photographic skills.