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Doing More with Teams: The New Way to Winning

Book Description

A new model for productive teamwork that generates wealth

From instincts as ancient as our hunter and gatherer stages, men and women have worked in teams. But what have we really learned about these drives and desires in a lasting way? Does all of the selfishness and scandal in business and government today suggest we have spilt the special sauce of teamwork? Doing More With Teams explores what can be done to encourage a new form a competition so that organizations complete the challenges before them to drive growth and get results. From New York Times bestselling author, Bruce Piasecki offers new grounds for the idea of teamwork, and challenges the perception that individualism is the only way to wealth.

  • Lays out a solid set of principles that work in all kinds of teams

  • Author Bruce Piasecki's previous book, Doing More with Less, is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller

Doing More With Teams enlightens the world to a new, more ethical, more collaborative way forward.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for Doing More with Teams
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Winning Without Weapons: A Preamble
  7. Part I: What Makes This Century Severe?
    1. Chapter 1: To Be Young Forever Is No Fun
      1. Why Youth Itself Is Not the Answer
      2. Youth Irritates; Teams Mature
      3. The Disadvantages of Individual Greatness
      4. The Hourglass of Our Short Lives
      5. Another Sense of Time: Social Time
      6. The Power in Teams
      7. The Useful and the Honorable
      8. Tips for Near-Future Training: An Aside on Sharing Shoulder Strength
      9. Beyond the Arrogance of Youth
      10. Some Self-Reflection
      11. Animal Magnetism
      12. J. Richard Hackman of Harvard on Teams
      13. Of Redheads and Unexpected Victories
      14. Getting Deeper Than Hackett and Harvard
      15. Why an Aside on Aging
    2. Chapter 2: Aging Across the Ages
      1. The Problem Question
      2. The Answer Is Balance and Teamwork
      3. Defining a Well-Spent Life through Teams
      4. The Transformative Energy in Teams
      5. Where Do We Go from Here?
      6. Defining the Aging Process through Teamwork
      7. A Well-Spent Life Is a Primal Right
      8. Life and Teamwork
      9. A Basic Goodness in Cicero and in Teamwork
      10. How Teams Help Us Reach beyond the Intellectual
      11. Why Modern Life Is So Severe and Swift
      12. The Question of Questions
      13. The Middle Years
      14. The Long Finale
      15. Crazy Aging
      16. A Concluding Tale on Aging and Teams
  8. Part II: What Makes This Century Swift?
    1. Chapter 3: Team Coherence: Readjusting Your Gaze
      1. We Crave Acceptance
      2. The Problem at Hand
      3. A Step Back
      4. The Tinker Bell Effect
      5. The Syndrome Writ Large
      6. St. Francis and the Southern Boys at Shaw Industries
      7. The License to Believe Matters More Than Measures
      8. Getting Back to St. Francis
      9. Getting Deeper in Shaw and into St. Francis
      10. The Coachable: Not the Perfect
      11. A Caveat about Values
      12. When I Came into Shaw
      13. Some Results at Shaw
      14. How Does This Humility Relate to St. Francis?
      15. How I See It after Readjusting My Gaze
      16. CODA
    2. Chapter 4: Team Integrity: Extending Our Wings
      1. The Tradition
      2. Beyond the Roll Call and the Team Announced
      3. Parallel Traditions from Soldier to Soldier
      4. A Further Explanation of How the 3-Minute Test Works
      5. Why the Celtics Keep Winning
      6. The Coach Is the Past Player
      7. Embodiment of the Animal Magnetism of a Great Competitor
      8. Steve Jobs, the Boston Celtics, and the Beatles
  9. Part III: A New Kind of Winning
    1. Chapter 5: Lance Armstrong and the Pleasures of Accomplishment
      1. Let's Start with Some Contrast
      2. The Temptations of Ceaseless Victory
      3. The Fall from Grace
      4. Coming Back to 2012
      5. Lessons in Deception
      6. Training for Teams, and Training for the Near-Future
      7. The Fantasy of Ceaseless Victory
      8. Beyond the Myth of the Ceaseless Victor
      9. Is the Ability to Lose Innate?
      10. What Enables a Team Leader to Be Inclusive and Tactful?
      11. An Ancient Worry
      12. Playing Through the Pain
      13. The Pleasure and Discipline in Preparation Time
      14. The Wisdom in Teams
    2. Chapter 6: Freedom and Fate in Teams
      1. The Best Captains
      2. Game Time of Teams Is Forever Moving Forward
      3. The Capacity for Harm
      4. The Capacity for Evil
      5. The Vital Sap the Great Captains Tap
      6. The Universality in Teams and the Work of Captains
      7. The Circumstance and the Situation Is the Win
      8. A Political Example in Grant and Lincoln
      9. Working Your Generals, a True Captain at Work
      10. The Real Penalty Facing Joe Paterno's Penn State Football Teams
      11. Tips on Bad Teams
      12. Applying Teams to Profit Making
      13. Credo and Finale
      14. A Return to Our Beginning
  10. Appendix A: Bruce Piasecki's Core Team: The AHC Group
  11. Appendix B: Near Future Training
  12. Also by Bruce Piasecki
  13. Index