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Book Description

Geo-distributed teams are becoming increasingly common in the workplace—not just in the software industry, but also in companies of all stripes, such as law firms and financial institutions. Sometimes these remote teams mesh well, but when they don’t, you may want to consider whether you’re facing a simple people problem or a larger organizational issue.

This practical guide provides practical tips for working more effectively in distributed groups, and explains how successful group organization leads to better business advantages. Even if your staff works in one location, this book will show you how to fix operational mechanics.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
    1. Why I wrote this book
  2. 1. Mindset
    1. So, who exactly is a “Remotie”?
    2. all-in-one-place small company
    3. all-in-one-place large company
    4. all-in-one-place large company, with specific remote role
    5. The canary in the coal mine: the solo remotie
    6. organize-work-by-location even larger company
    7. Non-remoties: Flex-hours, flex-time and temporary travelers
    8. organize-work-by-people-skills: Most or all remote
    9. Takeaway
  3. 2. Remoties trend
  4. 3. Disaster Planning
  5. 4. Physical Setup
  6. 5. Own your calendar
    1. Introduction
    2. Arrange your calendar
    3. Keep your calendar realistic
    4. Calendar haggling
    5. Calendar timezones
    6. Writing Dates and Times
    7. Change default reminder in Calendar
    8. 30 minute duration
    9. 30 minute gaps between meetings
    10. Takeaway
  7. 6. Meetings
    1. Introduction
    2. Aggressively limit the number of meetings
    3. different communication channels have different response expectations
    4. “need to attend” vs “welcome-if-curious”
    5. Calendar haggling
    6. 30 minute duration
    7. Takeaway
  8. 7. Meeting Moderator
    1. Introduction
    2. Meeting Hijacking and the “coming-to-meeting-just-in-case-itis” disease
    3. Editable agenda shared in advance
    4. Cancelling meetings
    5. Shared note-taking in the editable agenda
    6. Watch the clock
    7. Be a traffic cop
    8. Share the moderator role
    9. Takeaway
  9. 8. Writing things down
  10. 9. Email Etiquette
    1. Introduction to email: friend or foe?
    2. What did NOT work (for me)
    3. Color code emails automatically
    4. Archive email folders by year
    5. Preview window, threaded, sorted by date.
    6. Asking people to send you email
    7. Make the “To” and “Cc” fields match reality
    8. “fyi” and “tl;dr”
    9. Write like a journalist
    10. Make the “Subject” match reality
    11. Mailing lists, bugmail and other automated emails
    12. Takeaway
  11. 10. Group Chat Etiquette
  12. 11. Culture, Trust and Conflict
  13. 12. One-on-Ones and Reviews
  14. 13. Bringing Humans Together
  15. 14. Joining and Leaving
  16. 15. Career path
  17. 16. Feed your soul
  18. 17. Final Chapter... in closing...
  19. Index