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Disruptive Possibilities: How Big Data Changes Everything

Book Description

In Disruptive Possibilities: How Big Data Changes Everything, Jeffrey Needham enlightens Fortune 500 enterprises about the Big Data ecosystem as they begin to channel their data from stranded silos into an accessible reservoir of possibility and discovery. This book explains where commercial supercomputing came from, as well as its impact on the future of computing.

Table of Contents

  1. Special Upgrade Offer
  2. 1. The Wall of Water
    1. And Then There Was One
    2. Commercial Supercomputing Comes of Age
    3. A Stitch in Time
    4. The Yellow Elephant in the Room
    5. Scaling Yahoovians
    6. Supercomputers Are Platforms
    7. Big Data! Big Bang!
    8. Endless Possibilities
  3. 2. Big Data: The Ultimate Computing Platform
    1. Introduction to Platforms
    2. Come Fly with Me
    3. Computing Platforms
    4. The End of an Era
    5. Back to the Future
    6. Engineering Big Data Platforms
    7. The Art and Craft of Platform Engineering
    8. KISS Me Kate
    9. Perpetual Prototyping
    10. Optimize Everything at Internet Scale
    11. The Response Time Continuum
    12. Epic Fail Insurance
    13. Mind the Gap
    14. I’ll Take Silos for $1000, Alex
  4. 3. Organizations: The Other Platform
    1. From Myelin to Metal
    2. Silos
    3. Industrial Grain Elevators
    4. Platforms 1, Silos 0
    5. Panic! Now!
    6. Fear and Loathing
    7. Risky Business
    8. Probability and Outcome
    9. Quantitative Qualities
    10. The Soft Platform
  5. 4. The Reservoir of Data
    1. The Actual Internet
    2. Best of Inbred
    3. Drowning Not Waving
    4. Spinning Rust
    5. A Spectrum of Perishability
    6. Enclosed Water Towers
    7. The Big Data Water District
    8. The HDFS Reservoir
    9. Third Eye Blind
    10. Spectrum of Analytic Visibility
    11. The Cost of Flexibility
  6. 5. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: When Clouds Meet Big Data
    1. The Big Tease
    2. Scalability 101
    3. Motherboards and Apple Pie
    4. Being and Nothingness
    5. Parity Is for Farmers
    6. Google in Reverse
    7. Isolated Thunderstorms
    8. The Myth of Private Clouds
    9. My Other Data Center Is an RV Park
    10. Converge Conventionally
  7. 6. Haystacks and Headgames
    1. The Demise of Counting
    2. Lose the Haystack
    3. Mind Another Gap
    4. Believing Is Seeing
    5. Spatial Intelligence
    6. Associative Supercomputing
    7. Back from the Future
    8. Acknowledgments
  8. About the Author
  9. Colophon
  10. Special Upgrade Offer
  11. Copyright