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Digital Selling

Book Description

Explains how the communication revolution has transformed consumer behaviour and thus selling, providing a framework for salespeople to generate digital leads and convert them to transactions.

Table of Contents

  1. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">01</b>&#8195; <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">Why embracing the social web is vital</b>
  2. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">02</b>&#8195; <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">How the sales role changes in a digital environment</b>
  3. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">03</b>&#8195; <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">Preparing to go online</b>
  4. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">04</b>&#8195; <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">The lead generation model in a digital world</b>
  5. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">05</b>&#8195; <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">Measuring the new Digital Sales Funnel</b>
  6. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">06</b>&#8195; <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">Creating value &#8211; the how and why of content</b>
  7. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">07</b>&#8195; <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">The journey from engagement to opportunity</b>
  8. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">08</b>&#8195; <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">Getting noticed</b>
  9. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">09</b>&#8195; <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">Tools and platforms</b>