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Digital Painting fundamentals with Corel® Painter™ 12

Book Description

Help students unlock their digital artistic talent with Corel Painter 12, the industry standard for pixel-based drawing and painting. Digital Painting Fundamentals with Corel Painter 12 provides step-by-step instructions for using the basic features of Painter 12 along with a Wacom graphics tablet. Created for artists by artists, Painter 12 realistically emulates the look of traditional painting and drawing in any style you choose. Students will start with simple sketching exercises immediately, to acquire and sharpen essential skills such as eye-hand coordination and drawing what you see. As they develop familiarity with Painter's wide array of brushes and art materials, they'll be introduced to traditional art concepts such as composition, line quality, contrast, and focal points. Projects ranging from still life and landscape studies to portraits and abstract painting will help them practice and master each new skill, and the book is full of images that illustrate every technique as they progress through it. Whether you are teaching beginning art students or experienced artists who want to apply their skills to the digital medium, this book will help them get the hang of Painter 12's tools and features, as well as hone and perfect their painting and drawing fundamentals, skills that can be applied to any artistic medium.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Introduction
    1. Welcome to Corel Painter 12
    2. A Little History
    3. What’s New?
    4. Who Needs This Book?
    5. What You Will Learn
    6. How to Use This Book
    7. Dude—Where’s the CD?
  5. I. The Basics
    1. 1. Welcome to Painter 12
      1. Getting Acquainted with Painter
        1. Let’s Doodle
        2. I Love the Pressure!
        3. Get Real
      2. So Many Choices!
        1. Custom Palettes
        2. Back to the Drawing Board
        3. Scribble a Sampler
      3. Control Yourself
        1. Crosshatching
        2. Pressure Practice
      4. What’s Next?
    2. 2. Draw What You See
      1. An Apple a Day
        1. Clone-and-Trace
        2. Tonal Drawing
        3. Crosshatch Contours
      2. Clone College
        1. Another Bite at the Apple
        2. Starter Still Life
        3. Clone with Style
      3. What’s Next?
    3. 3. Have Another Layer
      1. Comfortable Shoes
        1. Add a Color Layer
        2. Shoes for Industry
        3. Papers, Please!
      2. Age of Aquariums
        1. Blending Layers
        2. Clone Fish
      3. What’s Next?
    4. 4. The Great ’scape
      1. Classic Western
        1. Plants and Transplants
        2. Settings and Sets
        3. Line, Shape, and Tone
        4. Tool Marks
      2. Imaginary Landscape
        1. Air Apparent
        2. Prepare to Pretend
        3. Mythical Mastery Tour
        4. Fabulous Foliage
          1. To Air is Human
      3. What’s Next?
    5. 5. Be a People Person
      1. Warm-Up Pose
        1. Source Material
        2. Trouser Material
      2. Face Time
        1. The Best Layered Plans
        2. Color Scheming
        3. Freestyle Cloning
      3. Funny Features
      4. What’s Next?
  6. II. Beyond the Basics
    1. 6. Customize Me!
      1. What’s Your Preference?
      2. Pals and Libs
        1. Iconography
        2. Movers and Removers
        3. Media Makers
        4. Gimme Some Space
      3. Brush Controls
        1. Custom Brushes
        2. A Stitch in Time
        3. Check Your Oils
      4. What’s Next?
    2. 7. Getting Graphic
      1. Just My Type
      2. Magazine Logo
        1. Got Fonts?
        2. What’s Your Pleasure?
      3. More Text Tricks
        1. Let Us Spray
        2. Once More with Filling
        3. Pattern Recognition
        4. A Cocoa Logo
      4. What’s Next?
    3. 8. Drawn from Life
      1. Gesture Drawing
        1. A Quick Study
        2. Ten Sketches in Ten Minutes
      2. All Hands on Deck
        1. Animated Hands
        2. Rotoscoping
      3. Heads Up
        1. The Eyes Have It
        2. Pick a Nose
        3. Lip Service
        4. Altogether Now
      4. What’s Next?
    4. 9. Fine Art Explorations
      1. Water World
        1. Wade in the Water
        2. Deep Water
      2. Abstract Painting
        1. Grounded in Reality
          1. Blending the Truth
          2. Compare and Contrast
        2. Drawing a Blank
      3. What’s Next?
    5. 10. Special Projects
      1. Presidents’ Day Cartoon (by Stewart McKissick)
        1. Pencil Drawing
        2. Creating Shapes
        3. Selections and Layers
        4. Shading
        5. Details, Details!
        6. Drop Everything!
      2. Automated Portraiture
        1. Get Smart
        2. Semi-Automatic
      3. When Worlds Kaleid
      4. What’s Next?
    6. A. A Fundamentals and Beyond
      1. Pixels versus Vectors
      2. Nice Save!
      3. Running the Gamuts
      4. Take Two Tablets and Call Me in the Morning
      5. Use a Shortcut
      6. Resources
        1. Finding Images
        2. Color Printing
        3. Fonts