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Digital Marketing Analytics: Making Sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. About the Authors
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
    1. From Chuck
    2. From Ken
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. 1. Understanding the Digital Media Landscape
    1. Digital Media Types
  12. 2. Understanding Digital Analytics Concepts
    1. Starting at the Top
    2. Determining Your Owned and Earned Social Metrics
    3. Demystifying Web Data
    4. Searching for the Right Metrics
    5. Aligning Digital and Traditional Analytics
    6. Bringing It All Together
  13. 3. Picking the Tools of the Trade
    1. Identifying a Social Media Listening Tool
    2. Understanding Social Media Engagement Software
    3. Purchasing Social Media Engagement Tools
    4. Conclusion
  14. 4. Tools: Social Media Listening
    1. Social Media Listening Evolution
    2. Social Media Listening in the Present Day
    3. What’s Next for Social Media Listening?
  15. 5. Tools: Search Analytics
    1. Understanding the Basics of Search
    2. Search Analytics Use Cases
    3. Free Tools for Collecting Insights Through Search Data
    4. Paid Tools for Collecting Insights Through Search Data
    5. The BrightEdge SEO Platform
    6. Wrapping up Search Analytics
  16. 6. Tools: Audience Analysis
    1. What Is Audience Analysis?
    2. Audience Analysis Use Cases
    3. Audience Analysis Tool Types
    4. Additional Audience Analysis Techniques
    5. Conversation Typing
    6. Event Triggers
  17. 7. Tools: Content Analysis
    1. Content Audits
    2. Optimizing Content Distribution
    3. Analyzing Content Consumption
  18. 8. Tools: Engagement Analysis
    1. Introducing SMES
    2. Using an SMES Tool for a Small to Medium-Size Business
    3. Understanding the Enterprise SMES Landscape
    4. The Future of SMES Tools
  19. 9. Understanding Digital Influence
    1. Understanding the Reality of Digital Influence
    2. Developing a Modern-Day Media List
    3. Using the Tools of the Trade
    4. Online Versus Offline Influence
    5. Using the Influencer List
  20. 10. Developing Your Social Media Listening Program
    1. How Other Companies Are Listening Today
    2. Understanding What Listening Can Do
    3. Implementing Your Listening Program
  21. 11. How to Use Listening to Inform Marketing Programs
    1. Understanding the Conversation Audit
    2. Identifying Online Influencers
    3. Conducting Social Brand Benchmarking
    4. Conclusion
  22. 12. Using Online Data to Anticipate a Crisis
    1. Developing a Modern-Day Issues Management Plan
    2. Identifying Known Issues
    3. Crisis Day Monitoring and Ongoing Reporting
    4. Correcting the History After a Crisis Is Over
  23. 13. Improving Customer Service
    1. The Social Customer Service Conflict
    2. Social Customer Service Models
  24. 14. Launching a New Product
    1. General Overview of the Product Lifecycle
    2. The Product Lifecycle Introduction Phase
    3. The Product Lifecycle Growth Phase
    4. The Product Lifecycle Maturity Phase
    5. Conclusion
  25. 15. Formulating Your Research Plan
    1. Developing Your Source List
    2. Nailing Down the Research Methods
  26. 16. Making Reports Easy to Understand and Communicate
    1. Constructing Reports
    2. Delivering a Report
    3. Understanding Report Use Cases
    4. Building a Central Repository of Information
  27. 17. Search Analysis
    1. Search Analytics for Digital Strategy
    2. Search Analytics for Content Strategy and Planning
    3. Search Analytics for Paid Advertising
  28. 18. ROI = Return on Investment
    1. Defining ROI
    2. Properly Tracking ROI
  29. 19. Creating the Best-Practice Measurement Scorecard
    1. Understanding Measurement Fundamentals
    2. Developing Your Measurement Reporting Cadence
  30. 20. Mobile Analytics: How Mobile Is Different than Other Digital Channels
    1. Understanding the Current Mobile Market Landscape
    2. Identifying What Is Next for Mobile Marketing
    3. The Current State of Measuring Mobile Marketing Activities
    4. The Future State of Measuring Mobile Marketing Activities
  31. 21. Social CRM
    1. Defining Social CRM
    2. Rolling Out a Social CRM Initiative
    3. Identifying a Social CRM Solution
    4. Analyzing the Future of Social CRM
  32. 22. The Future of Digital Data: Business Intelligence
    1. Watching How the Digital Analytics Disciplines Evolve
    2. Understanding Where Digital Analytics Goes from Here
  33. Index
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14. Launching a New Product

Some of the reasons product launches fail are internal issues within a company, such as the inability ...

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