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Digital Infrared Photography

Book Description

To record the "invisible light " has always been an intriguing and fascinating experiment. The infrared part of the light spectrum is outside the range of what we can see. With a digital camera, we can record just this "invisible light " and block the "visible " part. This results in unusual but often beautiful renderings of otherwise fairly common scenes. since the 1960 's artists have experimented with analog infrared photography, as seen on album covers of Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa.

This compact guide to infrared photography shows the beauty of infrared imagery but also teaches how to shoot these images with your digital camera. The book provides the basic theoretical background, some information on cameras, filters and equipment, and lots of guidance on how to do infrared photography.It is a beautifully designed and illustrated book, the right companion for the aspiring photographer wanting to explore new photographic territories.