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Developing Microsoft® .NET Controls with Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET

Book Description

Create compelling and effective program interfaces that best suit your users’ needs—and make your products more competitive and useful—by customizing the intrinsic controls in the Microsoft .NET Framework and building your own controls from scratch.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction
  4. Using Microsoft .NET Controls
    1. Overview of Visual Basic .NET Controls
      1. The Three Steps of Writing a Visual Basic .NET Program
      2. The Ambience of Windows Forms Controls
      3. The Location of Windows Forms Controls
      4. Using the WinCV (Class Viewer)
      5. How the Events on Windows Forms Controls Are Fired
      6. Using Visual Basic .NET to Spy on Windows Messages
      7. Hijacking Windows Messages
      8. Isolating Windows Messages
      9. Conclusion
    2. Understanding Visual Basic .NET Intrinsic Windows Forms Controls
      1. Dynamic Properties of Controls
      2. A Closer Look at the ComboBox Control
      3. Need a Replacement for the Classic DriveListBox?
      4. The Right Tool for the Right Job
      5. Building a Better DriveList Using Advanced Combo Box Techniques
      6. How ComboBox Draws the Selected Item
      7. Displaying Variable-Size Images in a Combo Box
      8. Conclusion
    3. Advanced Use of Intrinsic .NET Controls
      1. Anatomy of a ListView Control
      2. Building an Advanced Drive Tool Using Intrinsic Controls
      3. Sorting the ListView Control
      4. The View from .NET: Using Ildasm to Examine Your Program
      5. Using SortRoutine.dll with the TabControl
      6. Validating User Input
      7. Conclusion
  5. Building .NET Windows Controls
    1. Constructing Extender Controls and Displaying Properties Using Built-In Data Types
      1. Building Extender Controls
      2. Type Converters
      3. Building the PlutonicNebulizer Component
      4. Examining .NET Type Editors
      5. Conclusion
    2. Building Custom Type Converters and Type Editors
      1. The PropertyGrid Control
      2. Understanding Type Converters
      3. Custom Type Converters
      4. Deeper into Type Converters
      5. Understanding Type Editors
      6. Deeper into Type Editors
      7. Conclusion
    3. Building Inherited Controls
      1. Three Approaches to Constructing Custom Controls
      2. Inheritance
      3. Building an Inherited Control
      4. Custom Designers
      5. Shadowing
      6. Debugging the Control
      7. Conclusion
  6. Advanced .NET Controls
    1. Building a User Control
      1. Incorporating .NET Encryption in a UserControl
      2. Isolated Storage
      3. The Evolution of the Encryption Control: Starting with a Component
      4. How the Encryption Component Works
      5. Rebasing
      6. Building the Encryption UserControl
      7. Examining the Control That Interacts with the Encrypt Class
      8. Adding a Custom Icon for Our Control
      9. Conclusion
    2. Building and Licensing a Custom Control
      1. Building Our Custom Control
      2. Licensing a Custom Control
      3. A More Sophisticated License File Approach
      4. Other Types of Control Licensing Schemes
      5. Conclusion
  7. Building Web Forms Controls
    1. ASP.NET Controls
      1. Programming Web Forms Controls
      2. Conclusion
    2. Building Custom ASP.NET Controls and Wireless Applications
      1. Building an ASP.NET User Control
      2. Building an ASP.NET Page Counter Custom Control
      3. The Rise of Smart Devices and Wireless Applications
      4. Conclusion
    3. Providing Windows XP Support for Windows Forms Controls
    4. About the Author
  8. Index