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Developing a Beginner's Mindset

Video Description

This video explains how to develop a beginners mindset to help with creativity and facilitating change.

This program features psychologist Peter Quarry, interviewing Dr Herb Kindler, Director, Center for Management Effectiveness, USA.

Dr Herb Kindler, Ph.D. created the Centre for Management Effectiveness in LA. He is a former CEO and management professor. His books include Managing Disagreement Constructively and Risk Taking For Decision Makers - by Crisp.

Herb Kindler has conducted hundreds of leadership training programs in the United States and overseas. He was a chief engineer and CEO in industry before becoming full professor of management at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Dr. Kindler has consulted to Symantec, Lockheed Martin, Hughes Electronics, IBM, Mattel Toys, General Motors, JVC, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, TRW, Starbucks, BBDO, Port of Oakland, U.S. Navy, City of Torrance, Congress Capacitacion Ejecutiva (Mexico), Thai Airways and Nortel Networks (Thailand).

Table of Contents

  1. Developing a Beginner's Mindset 00:13:25