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Designing for XOOPS

Book Description

XOOPS (eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System) is an Open Source application platform written in PHP and database for developing small to large interactive dynamic community websites, company portals, intranets, weblogs, and much more. XOOPS uses Smarty, one of the most popular template engines in PHP, which makes it easier for designers to get used to the syntax: they don’t have to deal with raw PHP code. This book covers the whole workflow of building a XOOPS theme from scratch. This is a designer’s guide, so some knowledge of XHTML and CSS is assumed, but PHP know?how is not necessary.

Table of Contents

  1. Special Upgrade Offer
  2. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
  3. Preface
    1. What Is XOOPS?
    2. Why Use XOOPS?
      1. Powerful Modules
      2. Themes and Templates
      3. User Management
      4. Supported Worldwide
    3. Brief History of XOOPS
    4. What This Book Covers
    5. What You Need to Know
    6. Who Is This Book For?
    7. Conventions Used in This Book
      1. Path and Folders
    8. Using Code Examples
    9. We’d Like to Hear from You
    10. Safari® Books Online
    11. Acknowledgments
  4. 1. Before the Journey
    1. Prepare the Tools
      1. General Workflow of Designing a XOOPS Theme
        1. Step 1: Create a Web Design
        2. Step 2: Convert the XHTML template to a XOOPS theme
        3. Step 3: Testing and debugging
  5. 2. Elements of a XOOPS Theme
    1. Necessary Elements of a XOOPS Theme
    2. A Simple Example
      1. Block-Displaying Structures
      2. Content and Footer
  6. 3. Converting an Existing XHTML Template
    1. Get the CSS Template
    2. Plug It into XOOPS
    3. Further Modifications
      1. Head Part
      2. Logo and Navigation Bar
      3. Footer
      4. The Last Fix to Make the Theme Work
  7. 4. Styling XOOPS and Creating a Theme from 960
    1. More on Styling XOOPS
      1. Global Style
      2. Theme-Specific Style
      3. XOOPS System Template Style
    2. Dealing with XOOPS Template Style
      1. #MainMenu
      2. #Usermenu
      3. Table and Cells
    3. Smarty: I Want to Know More
      1. Header Tags
      2. XOOPS General
      3. XOOPS User-Related
      4. Smarty Flow Control
      5. Include and Assign
    4. More on Smarty: Tricks and Examples
      1. Module-Based Navigation
      2. What About a Block Without a Title?
      3. Custom Block Filter
    5. Create a Theme with 960
  8. 5. jQuery and UI Libraries for XOOPS Themes
    1. Link Your Theme to jQuery
    2. Case1: jQuery Used Separately (Adding a Slider to Your Theme)
      1. Get the Graphics Done
    3. Coding (X)HTML and CSS
    4. Adding jQuery Effect
    5. Case2: jQuery Integration (Transform Your Blocks into Tabs)
      1. jQuery Tools as UI Library
      2. Implementing Tabs Separately
      3. Integration: How to Come Up with an Idea
      4. Integration: How to Implement the Idea
  9. 6. Module Template Override
    1. An Experiment in Module Template Override
      1. Dig Deeper
    2. Case Study: Gallery Slideshow Block
      1. Preparation
      2. Clean Up the Markup
      3. Integrate with the InsMinimal theme
      4. A Test Run
    3. A Look Back
  10. 7. Block Anywhere Techniques
    1. How to Get XOOPS Tools Module
    2. A First Play-around
    3. What’s the Difference?
  11. 8. Case Study: My TinyMag
    1. Wireframing
    2. Mock Up a Design
    3. Code the Mock-Up Design
      1. Header
      2. How to Deal with Content
      3. Content Markup
      4. Set Up Blocks
    4. Publisher FAQ
      1. Where are the advanced editing options?
      2. Why can’t I upload article images?
    5. Construct Header Feature
    6. Construct the Main Feature
    7. Construct the Content
    8. Construct Latest Article Categories
    9. Poll
    10. Archives and Discussions
      1. Archives
      2. Forum
    11. User Menu
    12. Publisher + Disqus
    13. Final Check
  12. A. XOOPS Cheatsheets
    1. XOOPS Resources
    2. More Resources
  13. About the Author
  14. Colophon
  15. Special Upgrade Offer
  16. Copyright