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Design for Care

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  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
    1. Who Should Read This Book?
    2. What’s in This Book?
    3. What Comes with This Book?
    1. Who are the stakeholders for this book?
    2. How do you resolve the different terminology used in different design disciplines?
    3. What is health seeking?
    4. What is Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0, and is there a difference?
    5. How are design and medicine alike?
    6. Why do you say “There is no user in healthcare”?
    1. Designing for Care Experiences
    2. How the Design Industry Must Change
    3. Finding Your Place in the Story
  10. PART I Rethinking Care and Its Consumers
    1. Health-Seeking Experiences
    2. The Health Seeker in Context
    3. CHAPTER 1 Design as Caregiving
      1. Can Healthcare Innovate Itself?
      2. Are There Users of Care?
      3. A Caring Design Ethic
      4. The Design Thinking Divide
      5. Wicked Problems in Healthcare Design
    4. CHAPTER 2 Co-creating Care
      1. Elena’s Story: The Family Caregiver
      2. Infocare
      3. Health Information Design Is Personal
      4. Health Search Behavior
      5. Case Study: WebMD—Health Information Experience
      6. Methods: Consumer Service Design Research
    5. CHAPTER 3 Seeking Health
      1. Elena’s Story: It Can Happen to Anyone
      2. Information First Aid
      3. Making Sense of Health Decision Making
      4. Design for Consumer Health Decisions
      5. Case Study: Healthwise Decision Aids—Personal Health Decision Support
      6. Methods: Empathic and Values Design
  11. PART II Rethinking Patients
    1. The Patient Experience as Health Seeking
    2. CHAPTER 4 Design for Patient Agency
      1. Elena’s Story: A Personal Health Journey
      2. Self-Care as Health Agency
      3. Health 2.0: Everywhere and Empowering
      4. Case Study: St. Michael’s Health Design Lab—Health Design for Self-Care
      5. Methods: Tools for Agency
    3. CHAPTER 5 Patient-Centered Service Design
      1. Elena’s Story: Health Self-Service
      2. Patient Experience in Health Service
      3. Good Care Is a Moral Issue
      4. Evidence-Based Service Design
      5. Service Design for Care
      6. Case Study: Patient-Centered Care Innovation
      7. Methods: Design Research for Healthcare Services
  12. PART III Rethinking Care Systems
    1. The Care Services Landscape
    2. The Health Seeking Journey in the Care System
    3. CHAPTER 6 Design at the Point of Care
      1. Elena’s Story: Taking a Serious Turn
      2. Better Practice Is Better Service
      3. Designing Health Education
      4. Improving Clinical Decision Making
      5. Case Study: IDEO Continuity of Care
      6. Methods: Stakeholder Co-creation
    4. CHAPTER 7 Designing Healthy Information Technology
      1. Elena’s Story: Learning to Live With
      2. Critical Design Opportunities
      3. How to Innovate the EMR?
      4. EMR Design for Clinical Work
      5. Case Study: VistA—Why It Still Matters
      6. EMR Design Process
      7. Design Methods: Cognitive Engineering
    5. CHAPTER 8 Systemic Design for Healthcare Innovation
      1. Elena’s Story: A System Upgrade
      2. Disruptive Transformation
      3. Systemic Design in Healthcare Service
      4. The Four Systems of Healthcare
      5. Patient-Centric Design Values
      6. Large-Scale Healthcare Innovation
      7. Designing Inside the System
      8. Understanding Problems as Systems
      9. System-Level Innovation
      10. Case Study: Mayo Mom Community Health Service
      11. Design Methods for Systems Innovation
    6. CHAPTER 9 Designing Healthcare Futures
      1. Elena’s Story: A Change of Heart
      2. In the Adjacent Future
      3. Mid-Future: Resolution of Critical Healthcare Problems
      4. Longer-Term Healthcare Foresight
      5. Future Roles for Healthcare Design Leadership
      6. Innovation’s Adjacent Possible
      7. Conclusion
  13. References
    1. Introduction
    2. Chapter 1
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    7. Chapter 6
    8. Chapter 7
    9. Chapter 8
    10. Chapter 9
  14. Index
  17. Footnotes
    1. Chapter 3
    2. Chapter 4
    3. Chapter 5
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Care, and healthcare, is about taking care of humanity. Health is personal and universal—it may be the one value everyone cares about. Healthcare is the most hands-on of professions and services, and yet is extremely technical. As the industry intensifies the adoption of digital and electronic technologies, deeply informed design of services and systems becomes a pressing and critical need. At the same time, healthcare design does not yet fit into the conventional clinical organization, and institutional practices have not established meaningful positions for design. However, considering the increasing role of technology, the risk of errors induced by poor design, and the complexity of healthcare itself, designers from specialized ...

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