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Dealing with Difficult People, 3rd Edition

Book Description

Will help you navigate the bullies, nit-pickers and complainers who drive you mad at work. With example dialogue, techniques and tips, it will help you avoid horrible situations and keep your cool.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Contents
  5. About this book
  6. 1    A short course in human relations
    1. Difficult, who me?
  7. 2    The seven classic difficult types
    1. Recognize anyone?
    2. First, the diagnosis
  8. 3    A fast-track guide to conflict and how to handle it
    1. What conflict is
  9. 4    Dealing with bosses who drive you barmy
    1. Mr Angry
    2. Never let them see you sweat
  10. 5    Colleagues to throttle
    1. Competition crazy
    2. Rivals, antagonists and getting personal
    3. It’s always the quiet ones
  11. 6    Staff to strangle
    1. Independent or stubborn?
    2. When the big hand gets to 12
    3. Good bosses don’t pry – but they should try
    4. Waving or drowning
    5. Finding out how good a boss you’ve been
    6. Seriously difficult members of staff
  12. 7    Massaging the egoist
    1. If the difficulty is an egomaniac boss
    2. If the difficulty is an egoist working for you
    3. The egomaniac colleague
    4. Knocking the know-all
  13. 8    Handling aggressive people without getting thumped on the nose
    1. If an aggressive manager is trying to dump on your ideas
    2. If you’re landed with a project that will never fly
    3. If you’re being stabbed in the back
  14. 9    Putting a bomb under the lazy ones
    1. Clock-watchers, rule-bookers and not invented here
    2. If you are held back by an idle colleague
    3. A boss who loiters
    4. How you eat an elephant
    5. The criminally lazy
  15. 10    Beating the bullies at their own game
    1. The decibel dictator
    2. When you can’t do anything right
    3. When all else fails
    4. The firework colleague
  16. 11    Moaners, groaners and critics
    1. Cold water torture
    2. Try building alliances, coalitions and connections
    3. Words you don’t want to hear
    4. When critics turn the gun on themselves
  17. 12    Perfectionists can be a pain
    1. What turns on a perfectionist
    2. Rules are rules
    3. The perfectionist boss
  18. 13    Manipulating the manipulators
    1. If you’re being lined up to take the blame
    2. Let’s do a deal
    3. If you’re easily flattered
    4. If you’re flattered by your staff
  19. 14    Shifting the stubborn
    1. When the customer knows best
  20. 15    Morale, attitude and how was it for you?
    1. If you’re sick of the sick
    2. Everyone having a sickie
    3. Cliques, circles and witches’ covens
  21. 16    Fault-finders and nit-pickers
    1. If you have a nit-picker for a boss
    2. Nit-picking colleagues
  22. 17    Gossip: a bush fire you can do without
    1. The answer to gossip problems
    2. Prevention is better than cure
  23. 18    The customer is always right – really?
    1. Dealing with difficult customers
    2. You want it when?
    3. Avoiding trouble
    4. The really, really, really, really difficult customer
    5. Remind them how good you are
    6. The screamer
    7. Screaming about service
    8. If a member of your staff blows a gasket
    9. When the screamer is the boss
    10. What’s winding them up?
    11. Dealing with very rude people without being very rude
    12. Disguised rudeness
  24. 19    Complaints: we love them
    1. Six steps to success
  25. 20    e-difficult@yourplace
  26. 21    Social Networking
    1. A word to the wise
    2. Cyberbullying – what is it?
    3. Poor management
    4. It’s just too easy
    5. What can you do to protect yourself from cyberbullying?
    6. You are not alone
    7. What does the law tell us?
    8. What should you do if you are bullied – electronically or face to face
    9. Ten tips to prevent online bullying on Facebook
  27. 22    If things don’t change they’ll stay the same
    1. There are four Cs in change
    2. Dealing with difficult people through a period of change
  28. 23    Dealing with conflict: 10 steps to cooling it
  29. 24    And, finally, finally…
  30. References
  31. Further reading
  32. Copyright