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David Busch’s Portrait/Candid/Street Photography Compact Field Guide

Book Description

This compact, camera-bag-friendly field guide has been specially created to help portrait, candid, and street photographers capture great images. No matter which digital SLR you own, DAVID BUSCH'S PORTRAIT/CANDID/STREET PHOTOGRAPHY COMPACT FIELD GUIDE gives you the tools and techniques you'll need to achieve beautiful results when working with all three methods of photographing people. In six information-packed chapters, filled with helpful checklists, tables, and charts, this concise guide distills the fundamentals of good portrait/candid/street photography and puts them at your fingertips, showing you how to shoot specific situations and subjects under a variety of conditions. Full-color illustrations show you what results to expect from particular camera settings. From quick setup advice through tips on lighting, lenses, and more, DAVID BUSCH'S PORTRAIT/CANDID/STREET PHOTOGRAPHY COMPACT FIELD GUIDE will help you get great results every time.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. About the Authors
  6. Chapter 1 The Formal Portrait
    1. Know Your Gear
    2. Take Lots of Photos
    3. Use Simple Backgrounds
    4. Lighting Equipment
    5. Build Your Light Step-by-Step
    6. Glamour Lighting
    7. Focal Length Choice
    8. Portrait Composition
    9. Posing Ideas
    10. Working with Couples
    11. Working with Groups
  7. Chapter 2 The Environmental Portrait
    1. Know Your Gear
    2. Choosing Focal Length
    3. Controlling Depth-of-Field
    4. Hand-Holding the Camera Versus Using a Tripod
    5. Composition for the Environmental Portrait
    6. Background Problems
    7. Working with Existing Light
    8. Reflectors
    9. Fill Flash
    10. Balancing Flash
    11. Bounce Light for Balanced Light
    12. Flash as a Main Light for an Environmental Portrait
    13. Dealing with Red-Eye Problems
  8. Chapter 3 Candid Photography—Casual Portraits
    1. Get Inspired
    2. Blending In
    3. Decisive Moment
    4. Expression and Gesture
    5. Composition
    6. Black-and-White Candids
    7. Focal Length Choice
    8. Hand-Held Sharpness
    9. Fast Lenses
    10. Depth-of-Field
    11. Watch Your Focus
    12. Working with Harsh Light
    13. Working with Soft and Gentle Light
    14. Working with Mixed Light
    15. Flash and Other Lights
  9. Chapter 4 Candid Photography—Events
    1. Working with the Flow
    2. Shooting without Drawing Attention to Yourself
    3. Expression and Gesture
    4. Action
    5. Composition
    6. Light
    7. Hand-Held Sharpness
    8. Weddings
    9. Youth Sports
    10. Birthday Parties
    11. Graduation
  10. Chapter 5 Street Photography—Events
    1. Composition on the Go
    2. Wide-Angles for Big Events
    3. Telephotos for Big Events
    4. Existing Light
    5. Dealing with Night Events
    6. Parades
    7. Welcome Home Troops
    8. State and County Fairs
    9. Street Fairs
    10. Street and Park Concerts
  11. Chapter 6 Street Photography—City Streets
    1. Blending In
    2. Shooting Quickly
    3. Street Photography Composition
    4. Architecture and People
    5. Signs of People
    6. Black-and-White Photos
    7. Vary Your Shots
    8. The Depth-of-Field Challenge
    9. Zooms versus Prime Lenses
    10. Light
    11. Night
    12. Blur
    13. Be Safe
  12. Index