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David Busch’s Compact Field Guide for the Sony® α SLT-A55/A35/A33

Book Description

Here it is--a compact, camera-bag-friendly field guide specially created to help you make the most of your Sony Alpha SLT-A55, SLT-A35, or SLT-A33. No matter which of these Alpha SLT models you own, DAVID BUSCH'S COMPACT FIELD GUIDE FOR THE SONY ALPHA SLT-A55/A35/A33 gives you the tools and techniques you'll need to achieve beautiful results when shooting with these popular and innovative cameras. In seven information-packed chapters, filled with helpful checklists, tables, and charts, this concise guide distills the fundamentals of working with the Alpha SLT digital SLRs, walks you through the cameras' features and functions, and shows you how to shoot great photos under a variety of conditions. Full-color illustrations show what to expect from particular camera settings. From quick setup advice through tips on lighting, lenses, and more, DAVID BUSCH'S COMPACT FIELD GUIDE FOR THE SONY ALPHA SLT-A55/A35/A33 will help you get great results every time.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Introduction
  3. About the Author
  4. 1. Quick Setup Guide
    1. Pre-Flight Checklist
      1. Charging the Battery
      2. Introducing Menus and Navigation Controls
      3. Mounting the Lens
      4. Adjusting Diopter Correction
      5. Inserting and Using a Secure Digital Card or Memory Stick Pro Duo
    2. Selecting a Shooting Mode
    3. Choosing a Metering Mode
    4. Choosing a Focus Mode
    5. Selecting a Focus Point
    6. Adjusting White Balance and ISO
      1. Using the Self-Timer
    7. Reviewing the Images You’ve Taken
    8. Using the Built-in Flash
    9. Movie Making in a Nutshell
    10. Transferring Photos to Your Computer
  5. 2. Sony Alpha Roadmap
    1. Sony Alpha: Front View
    2. The SLT-A55/A35/A33’s Back Panel
    3. Going Topside
    4. Underneath Your Sony Alpha
    5. Lens Components
    6. LCD Panel Readouts
    7. Looking Inside the Viewfinder
  6. 3. Setting Up Your Sony Alpha SLT
    1. Anatomy of the Sony Alpha’s Menus
    2. Recording 1/2/3 Menu
      1. Image: Size
      2. Image: Aspect Ratio
      3. Image: Quality
      4. Movie: File Format
      5. Movie: Size
      6. Movie: Audio Rec.
      7. SteadyShot
      8. Panorama: Size
      9. Panorama: Direction
      10. 3D Pan.: Image Size
      11. 3D Pan.: Direction
      12. Flash Control
      13. AF Illuminator
      14. Color Space
      15. Long Exposure NR/High ISO NR
      16. D-RANGE button
    3. Custom 1/2 Menu
      1. Eye-Start AF
      2. FINDER/LCD Setting
      3. AEL Button
      4. Focus Hold Button
      5. Focus Magnifier
      6. Red Eye Reduction
      7. Release w/o Lens
      8. Grid Line
      9. Histogram
      10. Sets Display in Finder
      11. Display Rec. Data
      12. Auto Review
      13. Auto+ Cont. Advance
      14. Auto+ Image Extract
    4. Playback 1/2 Menu
      1. Delete
      2. Still/Movie Select
      3. Slide Show
      4. Image Index
      5. 3D Viewing
      6. Protect
      7. Specify Printing
      8. Volume Settings
      9. Select Folder
      10. Select Date
      11. Playback Display
    5. Memory Card Tool Menu
      1. Format
      2. File Number
      3. Folder Name
      4. Select REC Folder
      5. New Folder
      6. Recover Image DB
      7. Display Card Space
    6. Clock Setup Menu
      1. Date/Time Setup
      2. Area Setting
    7. Setup 1/2 Menus
      1. LCD Brightness
      2. Viewfinder Bright.
      3. GPS Settings (SLT-A55V Only)
      4. Power Save
      5. CTRL for HDMI
      6. Language
      7. Help Guide Display
      8. Upload Settings
      9. USB Connection
      10. Audio signals
      11. Cleaning Mode
      12. Version
      13. Demo Mode
      14. Menu Start
      15. Reset Default
    8. Function Menu
  7. 4. Using the Flash
    1. Using the Built-In Flash
      1. Setting Flash Modes
      2. Flash Exposure Compensation
      3. Avoiding Sync Speed Problems
        1. Ghost Images
        2. Slow Sync
        3. Determining Exposure
    2. Using External Electronic Flash
    3. Using the External Electronic Flash
      1. HVL-F58AM Flash Unit
      2. HVL-F43AM Flash Unit
      3. HVL-F36AM Flash Unit
      4. HVL-F20AM Flash Unit
  8. 5. Shooting Movies
    1. Preparing to Shoot Video
    2. Steps During Movie Making
    3. Tips for Shooting Better Movies
      1. Make a Shooting Script
      2. Use Storyboards
      3. Storytelling in Video
      4. Lighting for Video
        1. Illumination
        2. Creative Lighting
        3. Lighting Styles
      5. Audio
        1. Tips for Better Audio
  9. 6. Shooting Tips
    1. Default, All Purpose, Sports—Outdoors, Sports—Indoors
    2. Stage, Long Exposure, HDR-Manual, Portrait
    3. Studio Flash, Landscape, Macro, Travel