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Crucial Confrontations

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1Choose What and If

I made a Freudian slip last night. I called my

husband by the name of my first boyfriend.

It was embarrassing.

I did the same sort of thing. I meant to say to

my husband, “Please pass the potatoes,”

but I said, “Die, loser; you’ve ruined my life!”

How to Know What CrucialConfrontation to Hold andIf You Should Hold It

Problems rarely come in tiny boxes—certainly not the issues we care about. Those come in giant bundles. For instance, your in-laws just walked in unannounced while you were eating dinner. You’ve talked to them about giving you a heads-up, particularly if they plan on dropping in at dinnertime, and they still prance in on a whim. What problem do you address?

You don’t have enough food to go around. That could ...

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