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Critical Thinking at Work

Video Description

Critical thinking is the consideration of alternative arguments or theories in light of evidence; it consists of weighing two or more ideas to see which is closer to the truth. In this video led by critical thinking expert Connie Missimer, you'll explore several facets of this fundamental method of reasoning and discover how critical thinking can positively affect every aspect of your business. You'll learn why this way of thinking is different from other types of thinking (e.g., following a habit, gut instincts, etc.); understand how critical thinking equips you to move toward better answers or more effective solutions; and discover the ways you can use critical thinking to facilitate innovative thinking in your workplace.

  • Gain a complete understanding of what critical thinking is—and what it is not
  • Discover how critical thinking positively impacts business processes and spurs product innovation
  • Sharpen your critical thinking skills, such as the ability to identify and question assumptions
  • Learn from a set of specific critical thinking examples that can guide your daily work

Connie Missimer is a philosopher and expert in critical thinking. Her book Good Arguments: An Introduction to Critical Thinking, 4th Edition (Pearson), offers the basics in analyzing theories and arguments. Connie honed her ideas surrounding the business value of critical thinking during her decade plus tenure as a senior-level UX designer and user researcher at Microsoft and AT&T. She holds an MS in Philosophical Literature from UC Berkeley and an MS in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington.

Table of Contents

  1. What Critical Thinking Is and Why It's So Powerful
    1. Critical Thinking For Humans 00:04:52
    2. What Is Critical Thinking, Actually? 00:05:26
    3. You Need Reasons to Think Critically 00:03:43
    4. Evidence Is Critical Thinking on Steroids 00:03:35
    5. Is Weighing Enough or Must You Decide? 00:01:21
    6. Levels of Evidence 00:09:07
    7. What Critical Thinking Is NOT 00:05:47
    8. The Thrilling Side of Critical Thinking 00:07:32
  2. The Social and Brain Sciences Meet Critical Thinking
    1. Myths About Innovation 00:05:50
    2. To Innovate, Get Deviant 00:05:25
    3. Theories About Knowledge and Why this Is Important at Work 00:05:25
    4. Your Company's Critical-Thinking Temperature: POUND or FLEX 00:05:52
    5. Seven Aspects of Human Nature and Why They Matter at Work - A Quick Overview 00:03:47
    6. Seven Aspects of Human Nature - First, The Nature of Our Attention 00:06:42
    7. Seven Aspects of Human Nature - Second, Motivation 00:05:54
    8. Seven Aspects of Human Nature - Third, Emotion 00:13:56
    9. Seven Aspects of Human Nature - Fourth, Habit 00:03:53
    10. Seven Aspects of Human Nature - Fifth, Tribalism 00:04:34
    11. Seven Aspects of Human Nature - Sixth, We Are Hierarchical 00:03:43
    12. Seven Aspects of Human Nature - We Are Political 00:07:58
  3. Critical Thinking, Local and Large
    1. A Brief History of Bureaucracy - It's Just Us Being Human 00:05:20
    2. Corporate Philosophies Are Often Inconsistent (But Don't Need to Be) 00:06:44
    3. Upscale Noises of a Critical Thinker 00:03:51
    4. How To Cheat at Critical Thinking Using Fallacies 00:07:53
    5. Lies Are Kryptonite to Critical Thinking 00:04:48
    6. Remember, You Need Time to Think Critically and Find Invisible Gorillas 00:05:03
    7. Summary and Final Thoughts From Plato's Cave 00:06:33