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Creating the Strategy

Book Description

Creating the Strategy is a practical, "how-to" book that brings together the most important elements of business strategy, B2B marketing theory and sales management. Aimed at those wanting to structure their organisations around the winning & keeping of customers in B2B markets, the book introduces a number of unique and powerful methodologies proven in workshops conducted with clients such as Mercedes-Benz and AXA Insurance. It looks at those elements responsible for creating outstanding sales and business performance in B2B markets. The book identifies the importance of sales & customer strategy and the role of management; considers all the elements in creating sales and customer strategy, such as Strategic Vision, The Value Proposition and Customer Strategy; examines how sales and customer strategy is managed and considers Direction & Leadership, People & Performance and Motivation & Development; and considers how sales & customer strategy is implemented and considers Action Priorities, Leading Change and Lessons from Consultancy.