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Video Description

Google's App Inventor for Android is poised to turn just about anyone into a developer. You don't need years of school or on-the-job experience to start programming Android apps. With an easy interface that doesn't require writing any actual code, you'll be able to jump in and start building a texting app right away. Dave Wolber, professor of computer science at UCSF, takes you through the ins and outs of App Inventor. You'll learn how to create a basic user interface and create the functionality for the app by dragging around App Inventor's unique and intuitive blocks.

The experts in the O'Reilly Breakdown live video series not only break down the concepts of difficult and complex subjects, they also demonstrate practical implementation and use. Each episode features an experienced programmer, developer, or software designer working on real-world challenges, ranging from iPad user interface design and multi-tasking on Android phones to caching in cloud-based applications.

Table of Contents

  1. Creating SMS Texting Apps with App Inventor
  2. Triggering Action with Event Handlers
  3. Customizing the Auto-Response
  4. Adding a Text-to-Speech Component
  5. Incorporating GPS Location Data
  6. Building an SMS Broadcast Hub
  7. Iterating Through a List Using foreach