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Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism

Book Description

In the last two decades, free markets have swept the globe. But traditional capitalism has been unable to solve problems like inequality and poverty. In Muhammad Yunus’ groundbreaking sequel to Banker to the Poor, he outlines the concept of social business—business where the creative vision of the entrepreneur is applied to today’s most serious problems: feeding the poor, housing the homeless, healing the sick, and protecting the planet. Creating a World Without Poverty reveals the next phase in a hopeful economic and social revolution that is already underway.

Table of Contents

  1. Praise
  2. Title Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Starting with a Handshake
  5. Creating a World Without Poverty
  6. ONE - The Promise of Social Business
    1. 1 - A New Kind of Business
      1. Is Government the Answer?
      2. The Contribution of Nonprofit Organizations
      3. Multilateral Institutions—The Development Elite
      4. Corporate Social Responsibility
      5. Capitalism Is a Half-Developed Structure
      6. Note
    2. 2 - Social Business: What It Is and What It Is Not
      1. Social Business Profits Stay within the Business
      2. Broadening the Landscape of Business
      3. Two Kinds of Social Businesses
      4. The Difference between Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship
      5. What about a “Hybrid”?
      6. Past Attempts to Combine Social Goals with Traditional Business
      7. Where Will Social Businesses Come From?
      8. Human Beings Are Multi-Dimensional
  7. TWO - The Grameen Experiment
    1. 3 - The Microcredit Revolution
      1. The Birth of a “Banker to the Poor”
      2. A Shift in Thinking
      3. More Economic Blind Spots
      4. The Evolution of Grameen Bank
      5. The Evolving Grameen System
      6. Microcredit around the World
      7. The Return of the Moneylenders
      8. Problems with Funding Microcredit
      9. Mainstream Banks and Microcredit
      10. Credit: The Vital Foundation
      11. Note
    2. 4 - From Microcredit to Social Business
      1. Spreading the Word about Microcredit: Grameen Trust
      2. Revitalizing an Age-Old Craft: Grameen Uddog and Grameen Shamogree
      3. Promoting Entrepreneurship: Grameen Fund and Grameen Byabosa Bikash
      4. Improving Rural Livelihoods: Grameen Fisheries and Livestock
      5. Opening Opportunities for Young Minds: Grameen Shikkha
      6. Linking Every Village to the World: Grameen Telecom and Grameen Phone
      7. Renewable Energy for Rural Bangladesh: Grameen Shakti
      8. Bringing Health Care to the Poor: Grameen Kalyan and Grameen Health Care Services
      9. Social Business: A New Economic Frontier
    3. 5 - The Battle against Poverty: Bangladesh and Beyond
      1. Poverty Programs That Work
      2. Credit Comes First
      3. Charity Is Not Always the Answer
      4. Bangladesh and the Developed World
      5. Toward Regional Peace and Prosperity
      6. Bangladesh and Its Giant Neighbors
      7. Bangladesh’s Strategic Location
      8. The Mega-Port Can Be a Social Business
    4. 6 - God Is in the Details
      1. The First Planning Meeting
      2. Fortified Yogurt for Children
      3. In Search of Answers
      4. A New Venture Takes Shape
      5. New Ways of Thinking: In Production and Distribution
      6. Finding the Winning Formula
      7. The Official Launch
    5. 7 - One Cup of Yogurt at a Time
      1. A Sports Super-Hero Kick-Starts the Business
      2. A Win for the Company, a Win for the Poor
      3. Edible Cups?
      4. Bringing Meaning to Business Life
  8. THREE - A World Without Poverty
    1. 8 - Broadening the Marketplace
      1. Who Will Invest in Social Business?
      2. Financing Grameen Danone
      3. New Yardsticks for Evaluating Business
      4. Tax and Regulatory Issues
      5. Social Business and a World Transformed
      6. More Than a Fantasy
    2. 9 - Information Technology, Globalization, and a Transformed World
      1. The Power of IT to Help the Poor
      2. Tailoring Technology to the Needs of the Poor
      3. Social Business and the IT Revolution
      4. The IT Revolution and Democracy
    3. 10 - Hazards of Prosperity
      1. Economic Inequality and the Struggle over Global Resources
      2. Spreading the Wealth and the Growth Dilemma
      3. The Logic of Uncontrolled Growth
      4. How Much Consumption?
      5. Making Space for a New Set of Voices
      6. Solving the Growth Dilemma
      7. Notes
    4. 11 - Putting Poverty in Museums
      1. A Better World Starts with Imagination
      2. Practical Steps toward the Dream-World of the Future
      3. New Frontiers for Foundations
      4. An End to Poverty
  9. For Further Information
  10. Index
  11. Copyright Page