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Creating a Collaborative Culture

Video Description

Over the past few decades we have seen a trend, particularly among large companies, to focus on highly competitive internal cultures.

While such internal competitiveness can often be positive in driving sales and other efforts, the negative side of setting the different parts of an organization against one another is starting to become apparent. Symptoms have included the refusal to share knowledge and resources, the trend towards internal silos and even destructive behaviours that hurt the overall company.

This title focuses on valuing and nurturing people, promoting positive behaviors that enhance productive sharing and cooperation and approaching structural problems such as silos to create the most favorable conditions possible for a healthy, successful organization.

This five part title includes strategies for improving communication skills, giving and receiving feedback, coaching and handling new team members, especially Gen Ys and interns.

Table of Contents

  1. Responding Thoughtfully 00:09:21
  2. Transforming Silos 00:07:33
  3. Sharing Feedback 00:08:35
  4. Handling the New Wave 00:09:30
  5. Coaching New People 00:08:48