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Cosmic Frontiers

Book Description

Explore the mysteries of the cosmos with this captivating anthology from Science News.

Since Edwin Hubble discovered the great distance to Andromeda, our conception of the universe has grown dramatically. No longer bound by the confines of the Milky Way, astronomers and physicists began to study areas of the cosmos much further from home. Our new knowledge and technology have provided us with answers to many astronomical puzzles, but they have also opened the door to countless questions.

This extensive collection of articles from Science News delves deep into the mysteries of the universe. Tackling topics from the Big Bang to black holes, and the elusive material known as dark matter, it answers questions and explores still-developing theories. Cosmic Frontiers is perfect for anyone with an interest in the history and fate of our universe.

Since 1921, Society for Science & the Public has facilitated global understanding of important scientific discoveries and issues. Since the first publication of the Science News-Letter in 1922, they have grown their audience to millions of readers each year. Now, Science News exposes new readers to thrilling concepts and innovative theories in Cosmic Frontiers.

Table of Contents

  1. Cosmic Frontiers
  2. Copyright
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. 1. Black Holes
    1. Listening for gravity waves
    2. How big can a star be?
    3. ‘Black holes’ in space
    4. Black holes: No longer hypothetical
    5. No mini black holes yet
    6. Monster black holes
    7. Repaired Hubble finds giant black hole
    8. Black hole’s veil peeled back to reveal bases of powerful jets
    9. Hawking radiation created in the lab
    10. The mysterious boundary
  6. 2. Stars and Galaxies
    1. Everlasting light
    2. Sky pinwheels are stellar universes 6,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles away
    3. Dr. Hubble finds galaxies evenly scattered in space
    4. Nebulae hold sky’s ‘speed record’
    5. Hubble finally has the stars in its eyes
    6. Cosmic dawn
    7. Explosive tales
    8. At home in the universe
    9. Galaxy cluster extremely fertile
    10. A third of the population can’t see the Milky Way at night
  7. 3. Extreme Phenomena
    1. Searching for distant signals
    2. Repeating fast radio bursts recorded
    3. Quasars are ‘crazy’
    4. New view of quasars sheds light on origin
    5. Powerhouse astronomy
    6. Neutron stars
    7. Let there be spin
    8. The mystery of the cosmic gamma-ray zaps
    9. Blasts from the past
    10. Greatest ray shower
    11. Turning a fly’s eye on energetic cosmic rays
    12. Chasing a cosmic engine
    13. Alien high-energy neutrinos detected
  8. 4. The Big Bang and the Universe’s Expansion
    1. Cosmic question mark
    2. Scientist says universe is actually exploding
    3. Einstein and de Sitter return to Euclidean idea of cosmos
    4. Atom started universe
    5. Discuss origin of universe
    6. Remnants of the primeval fireball believed aglow
    7. Will the universe expand forever?
    8. The new inflationary nothing universe
    9. A computer-generated cosmic portfolio
    10. COBE causes Big Bang in cosmology
    11. Cosmological controversy: Inflation, texture and waves
    12. Eyeing evidence of primordial helium
    13. Lab tests mystery of lithium levels
    14. Age of the cosmos: a first consensus
    15. Balloon sounds out the early universe
    16. State of the universe
    17. Inflation on trial
    18. Gravitational wave discovery gives way to dust
  9. 5. Dark Matter and Dark Energy
    1. Light in the dark
    2. Celestial pinwheel
    3. A closed universe may be axionomatic
    4. Battle over WIMPs goes another round
    5. Mining for missing matter
    6. Dark matter, where art thou?
    7. Studies support an accelerating universe
    8. Embracing the dark side
    9. Data from galaxy clusters suggests dark energy is constant over time
  10. 6. The Next Frontiers
    1. Pre-Bang branes and bubbles
    2. Strung together
    3. Strings link the ultracold with the superhot
    4. Success in coping with infinity could strengthen the case for multiple universes
    5. When worlds collide
    6. Out of the fabric
    7. Hunting hidden dimensions
  11. Appendix I
  12. About Science News
  13. About Society for Science & the Public
  14. Connect with Diversion Books