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Corporate Brand Personality

Book Description

Corporate Brand Personality addresses the increasing need for organizations to re-focus and re-align their corporate culture in order to compete in a business world that today demands trust, respect and strong values.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for Corporate Brand Personality
  3. Title Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword by Sir Clive Woodward
  7. Foreword by Andy Clarke
  8. Preface
  9. Acknowledgements
  10. Introduction
  11. 01    Dilution of corporate values and loss of trust
    1. Where have all the manners gone?
    2. The gap opening up
    3. Feelings drive behaviours
    4. Loss of trust
    5. Optimum brand management
    6. Right from the outset
    7. Halo or horns
    8. A global concern
    9. Moving forwards
    10. References
  12. 02    Your brand from all angles
    1. The traditional approach is not enough
    2. Making the brand stick at all levels
    3. Your brand to suppliers
    4. Internal culture
    5. TripAdvisor – a trust indicator
    6. Third-party danger zones
    7. You never quite know when your brand is on show
    8. How does your business measure up?
    9. Recognizing the value of feedback
    10. Communication is king
    11. Good leaders, good communicators
    12. References
  13. 03    Employee brand and employer brand
    1. Making the distinction
    2. Recruitment impact on employer brand
    3. The working environment
    4. Why we have to go deeper
    5. It’s not just about customer service training
    6. The Asda way with people
    7. Brand training experience
    8. Overplaying it
    9. What makes a company great to work for?
    10. Measuring your current position
    11. Assessing how your employees feel about the brand
    12. Generation Y and Z considerations
    13. Great employer brands for Millennials
    14. Reverse mentoring
    15. The Generation Y TV ad
    16. Whose responsibility is it anyway?
    17. Team branding
    18. Involve the team
    19. The effect of not involving the team
    20. Part of the big picture
    21. The process of team branding
    22. What can you achieve with team branding?
    23. So how do we do it?
    24. What does a team brand statement look like?
    25. References
  14. 04    Leadership ‘off-brand’ behaviours
    1. What is authentic leadership?
    2. The CEO and corporate reputation
    3. Bottom-up or top-down culture
    4. The influence and impact of the leadership team
    5. Non-verbal leadership influence
    6. The narcissistic leader
    7. Nothing is off the record
    8. The power of line managers
    9. Personal branding should start in the boardroom
    10. We need leaders with strong personal brands
    11. Putting humour into the personality of the brand
    12. Executive presence
    13. Assess your leadership brand
    14. References
  15. 05    Getting back on-message
    1. Consistency is not optional
    2. A change in behaviour is required
    3. So what is corporate culture?
    4. Putting the plan into practice
    5. The real corporate branding process
    6. The Walking TALL principles
    7. The complete personal brand
    8. Think like an entrepreneur
    9. The pearl effect
    10. The brand tree
    11. Coming from a place of authenticity
    12. Defining your personal brand basics
    13. Determining values
    14. Leadership values
    15. Brand picture
    16. Managing the perception gaps
    17. The espresso effect
    18. Brand me statement
    19. Your book title
    20. ‘Celebrity’ brand me
    21. Internal brand ambassadors
    22. Building rapport and maintaining your brand
    23. Relationships and the extended Johari window
    24. Rolling out a brand training experience
    25. Keeping momentum
    26. References
  16. 06    Raising your visibility factor
    1. Be clear what you’re aiming for
    2. Getting started
    3. How are you doing it?
    4. Being interested in others
    5. What I really do
    6. Enhancing your brand statement
    7. Your digital personal brand
    8. Sharing your thoughts and opinions via a blog
    9. Tweeting
    10. Other social networks to consider
    11. Effective networking
    12. Your personal brand in the media
    13. References
  17. 07    Presentational brand
    1. The ‘P’ word
    2. The ‘must haves’
    3. Start strong
    4. A great structure
    5. Make it visual
    6. Relevance
    7. Storytelling
    8. Getting the level right
    9. Using humour
    10. Looking the part
    11. Body indicators
    12. Being heard
    13. Be yourself
    14. Sharp finish
    15. The most persuasive element
    16. The right tools for the job
    17. Presentational brand feedback checklist
    18. Summary
    19. References
  18. 08    Final words
  19. Index
  20. Copyright