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Conflict and Clashes

Video Description

We've all been there. Some of the people we work with on a daily basis seem determined to be hard work. How often do you find yourself avoiding a particular task because it involves approaching someone you find difficult to work with? Welcome to the workplace!

You will always encounter these types of issues at work. Maybe it's even you being difficult or obstructive some of the time? One thing is certain, your day at the office would be happier and more productive if you were able to minimize these kinds of interpersonal challenges.

In this title, we have we have anlayzed conflict in an entertaining way and put together a toolkit to help empower you in working with others. We focus on difficult people, resolving conflict and taking a leadership role in mediating conflicts.

Table of Contents

  1. Handling Anyone Difficult 00:07:34
  2. Resolving Conflict 00:08:26
  3. Mediating for Resolution 00:07:38