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Complete Leadership

Book Description

A practical and personal coaching programme to help talented high-flyers develop leadership abilities that will make a measurable difference, to their personal performance, to their team's performance and to the performance of their business.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Complete leadership
  3. contents
  4. foreword
  5. introduction
  6. chapter one they talk about you – how leadership affects the staff
    1. ‘What am I doing here? (Maybe I’m not up to it . . .?)’
    2. ‘I didn’t realize how important it was to prepare for the top’
    3. ‘Get real, Mum and Dad, this is the modern world’
    4. ‘It’s tough being a female executive in a man’s world’
  7. chapter two your behaviour is worth money – the links between what you do and how the business is
    1. Behaviour and leadership style: does it make a difference?
    2. Can I change? Will it change my personality?
    3. ‘If only . . .’ and ‘I should . . .’
    4. We learn from what we do well, not from our mistakes
    5. Do I have to change my personality?
  8. chapter three take a picture of yourself – learn about the type of leader you already are
    1. The six leadership styles
    2. How to draw up your leadership style chart
    3. Emotional intelligence
  9. chapter four: the picture comes back from the developers – how the team sees you
    1. Self-awareness and delegation
  10. chapter five: a 3-D image of how we lead – using greater self- awareness to develop leadership strengths
    1. The charts that the questionnaires produce
    2. Beliefs drive behaviour (and an example of how workaholic beliefs can distort our perceptions)
    3. When all else fails, ask your kids
    4. Feelings are contagious (you can make others feel really good or really bad about themselves)
    5. 3-D development
  11. chapter six: so, I’m not perfect – what next? the development begins in earnest
    1. I need to change . . . Some notes on ‘competing commitments’
    2. Get a coach? Some notes and warnings
  12. chapter seven: measuring your progress
    1. Feedback: some notes on how to engender continual, two-way feedback with your team
  13. chapter eight: you are on stage but not acting – an awareness of the public nature of the leader’s role
    1. The team grows as well
  14. chapter nine: did I just get better? complete leadership in action
    1. How to manage your boss
    2. Complete leadership in negotiations
  15. chapter ten: you never stop improving
    1. Complete leadership: let yourself flourish
    2. Concluding notes
  16. notes
  17. index