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Competing Values Leadership: Second Edition

Book Description

This book serves as the key source for understanding the Competing Values Framework, one of the most widely used and highly cited frameworks in the world. The authors, who have been at the foundation of developing, applying and studying this framework for over three decades, explain how it helps foster successful leadership, improve organizational effectiveness and promote value creation. It would be unusual for a framework as powerful and predictive as the Competing Values Framework to remain unchallenged and absent of criticism. In addition to updating the examples and references, this second edition provides a new chapter motivated by recent criticisms of the framework. In this chapter, the authors address these concerns and provide empirical evidence of the continuing effectiveness of the model. This book is widely applicable to a number of fields, including financial strategy, culture change, human resource management, leadership roles, and organizational change. Both academics and business leaders will find it to be an illuminating and useful reference.