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Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing, 5th Edition

Book Description

Drayton Bird's Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing needs no introduction to marketers and direct marketers. It is not only seen as the authority on direct marketing execution, but is also widely appreciated for its engaging, no-nonsense style. The latest edition takes the book into new territory - the field of digital marketing. It gives the marketer the tools, techniques and structure needed to produce effective and profitable marketing across the direct marketing spectrum -from simple letter to focused web-based campaigns. For anyone involved in direct marketing, from junior marketer to senior manager, this book provides not just the structure for success but also an energising insight into the techniques behind some of the world's most successful direct marketing campaigns.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. List of Plates
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. 1 Beginnings
    1. The amateur approach
    2. The difficult approach
    3. Some valuable discoveries
    4. The mysterious rise of direct marketing
    5. A paradox
    6. Your timing is good
    7. To make learning easier
  9. 2 The Three Graces of Direct Marketing
    1. Short-term thinking
    2. To make and keep a customer
    3. What is direct marketing?
    4. The Three Graces of direct marketing
    5. How your customer is changing
    6. Controllability: an important benefit
    7. Giving your customer a better service
    8. The spiral of prosperity
  10. 3 Direct Marketing Can Do More Than You Think
    1. What can you sell?
    2. The role of direct marketing
    3. Five major objectives of direct marketers …
    4. … And four ways to achieve them
    5. Which names are best?
  11. 4 How to Get Started
    1. Does your business have a continuing relationship built in?
    2. Sales-force help
    3. Some pertinent questions
    4. Use your names
    5. Retail problems
    6. The key to profit
    7. Employers and shareholders
    8. Who complains?
    9. What mail order teaches
    10. Three major errors
    11. What should you sell?
    12. Can you offer a good deal?
    13. Ask your customers
    14. How does it compare?
    15. Pay the right price
    16. Don’t over order
    17. Where to look
  12. 5 Positioning and Other Mysteries Explained
    1. Sound advice on boasting
    2. Would a salesperson do this?
    3. Added value
    4. Unique selling proposition
    5. Positioning today’s theory
    6. Changing the rules
    7. General advertising and positioning
  13. 6 How to Plan Well
    1. Eleven steps to success
    2. Five questions you must answer
    3. Keep in touch
    4. How to understand your customers better
    5. Who knows where or when?
    6. Where your money will do most good
  14. 7 Media A Different, More Flexible Approach
    1. What is your purpose?
    2. Five major differences
    3. The media recipe
    4. Timing critical
    5. The eight traditional media at your disposal
    6. Other media
    7. Interactive, personalised media
    8. Successful media selection
    9. Proven principles of negotiation
    10. Ten good deals
  15. 8 Digital Marketing The Internet and E-mail
    1. Getting it right from the start – seven things you must ask yourself about your site
    2. A– Z of building and managing a website
    3. You have a fantastic site – what next?
    4. Don’t be bamboozled commonsense online techniques
    5. How your traffic helps improve your aim
    6. Just a reminder it’s accelerated direct marketing
    7. Whose website is it anyway?
    8. What’s making money – and why
    9. An extraordinary, rare opportunity
  16. 9 Your Greatest Asset
    1. The value of a name
    2. The relative importance of the list
    3. Twelve criteria for evaluating lists
    4. Your database and how to build it
    5. Where to find the best new customers
    6. Lifestyle databases
    7. Compiled lists
    8. Jon Epstein’s 11 desiderata
  17. 10 Where Ideas Come From and How to Express Them Persuasively
    1. The birth of an idea
    2. Getting organised
    3. Context is everything
    4. Nationalities and social groups
    5. Media vary; principles don’t
    6. How to build conviction
    7. The nuts and bolts of good creative copy
    8. Creativity in action
    9. Two secret ingredients
  18. 11 How to Make Your Creative Work Virtually Foolproof
    1. Twenty-five pointers before you write a word or sketch a layout
    2. Planning your creative treatment
    3. Eleven uncreative (but tested) ways to make your layout work harder
    4. Thirteen attention-grabbers
    5. Tricks and techniques that keep people reading
    6. Charity advertising a special case
    7. What to watch for in broadcast
    8. Now that you think it’s perfect have you forgotten anything?
  19. 12 How to Test – and Evaluate Your Results
    1. Testing the first duty
    2. Fourteen ways you can learn by testing
    3. A fair test?
    4. A true and proper record
    5. What testing achieved for me
  20. 13 Testing Versus Research – and Other Matters
    1. Tests that gained an account
    2. Two laws of testing
    3. Startling results
    4. Nine testing opportunities
    5. How much should you test? And when?
    6. A famous case-history
  21. 14 How to Choose Your Agency – and When to Do Without One
    1. Agency or not?
    2. Speculative presentations
    3. Organisation and procedure
    4. Playing the field
    5. How much you should pay
    6. Money and talent
    7. Try to understand the process
  22. 15 Client and Agency the Unequal Partnership
    1. The impossible dream
    2. Joy ride?
    3. Two types of relationship
    4. Where things go wrong and how to get them right
    5. Other trouble spots
  23. 16 The Future of Marketing Ten Predictions – and a Health Warning
    1. Little more competence
    2. Honesty
    3. Full circle
  24. Index