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Collective Knowledge Management

Book Description

Human beings create knowledge as a result of interaction with others. This book is devoted to the idea that collective knowledge management can be strategically promoted through these interactions in order to enhance a firm’s competitiveness. Haruo H. Horaguchi explores a new perspective of knowledge management as an eco-system, a theory that explains why Japanese multinational enterprises lead the way for innovation in the 21st century. While the concept of personal knowledge through tacit knowing describes how knowledge is understood as input for individuals, the concept of collective knowledge management contributes to the creation of intellectual resources for firms. This book provides a critical assessment of the classic theories of innovation and an intensive empirical study on industrial agglomeration and collective intelligence. It then goes on to offer a new theory of management. This book will appeal to academics and students of business and management, business administration, sociology and organizational behavior. It will also be of great interest to managers and business-owners looking at new methods of promoting knowledge in the workforce.