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Keys to Effective Comments

What does the following routine do?


As long as there are illdefined goals, bizarre bugs, and unrealistic schedules, there will be Real Programmers willing to jump in and Solve The Problem, saving the documentation for later. Long live Fortran!

 --Ed Post

Example 32-3. Java Mystery Routine Number One

// write out the sums 1..n for all n from 1 to num
current = 1;
previous = 0;
sum = 1;
for ( int i = 0; i < num; i++ ) {
   System.out.println( "Sum = " + sum );
   sum = current + previous;
   previous = current;
   current = sum;

Your best guess?

This routine computes the first num Fibonacci numbers. Its coding style is a little better than the style of the routine at the beginning of the chapter, but the comment is wrong, and if you ...

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