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Code Complete, Second Edition

Cover of Code Complete, Second Edition by Steve McConnell Published by Microsoft Press

Specific Refactorings

In this section, I present a catalog of refactorings, many of which I describe by summarizing the more detailed descriptions presented in Refactoring (Fowler 1999). I have not, however, attempted to make this catalog exhaustive. In a sense, every case in this book that shows a "bad code" example and a "good code" example is a candidate for becoming a refactoring. In the interest of space, I've focused on the refactorings I personally have found most useful.

Data-Level Refactorings

Here are refactorings that improve the use of variables and other kinds of data.

Replace a magic number with a named constant. If you're using a numeric or string literal like 3.14, replace that literal with a named constant like PI.

Rename a variable ...

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