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Closing Techniques (That Really Work!), 4th Edition

Book Description

Many salespeople can line up prospects, recite the benefits of their product or service, and stir the interest of their client. But when it comes to actually closing the deal, they fail and the sale falls apart. That’s where sales guru Stephan Schiffman comes in—and saves the sale. In this book, Schiffman reveals the pioneering techniques that have helped more than half a million salespeople nail the sales that matter. This book includes chapters on: the four words to avoid during meetings; why salespeople shouldn’t mix business with pleasure; the most important word when closing a sale; and working existing accounts.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  6. Introduction to Fourth Edition
  7. Introduction
    1. Chapter 1: A Third of a Season
    2. Chapter 2: The Definition of Sales
    3. Chapter 3: No Gimmicks
    4. Chapter 4: Objections That Aren’t
    5. Chapter 5: A Brief Review of the Sales Cycle
    6. Chapter 6: Why People Buy
    7. Chapter 7: Openings Precede Closings
    8. Chapter 8: The Power of an Idea
    1. Chapter 9: A Few Words about the Ideas You’ll Find in This Section of the Book
    2. Chapter 10: Know Your Product or Service—and Be Creative in Considering What It Can Do for Someone
    3. Chapter 11: Closings and Openings
    4. Chapter 12: Don’t Overwhelm the Prospect
    5. Chapter 13: Selling to Committees
    6. Chapter 14: Selling Backward/Forward
    7. Chapter 15: Understanding Responses
    8. Chapter 16: Taking Responsibility
    9. Chapter 17: If It Wasn’t Business, They’d Call It Pleasure
    1. Chapter 18: Write This Down
    2. Chapter 19: Four Categories
    3. Chapter 20: Your Two Objectives for Your First In-Person Meeting
    4. Chapter 21: The Option at the End of the First Visit
    5. Chapter 22: A Horror Story
    6. Chapter 23: Four Words You Never Want to Say*
    7. Chapter 24: Verifying Your Information
    8. Chapter 25: What Is a Presentation?
    9. Chapter 26: To Script or Not to Script
    10. Chapter 27: The Simple Closing Statement, Revisited
    11. Chapter 28: “I’ll Have to Think about It”
    12. Chapter 29: Dealing with Obstacles
    13. Chapter 30: Money, Money
    14. Chapter 31: Some General Ideas for Closing Success
    15. Chapter 32: The Leadership Role
    16. Chapter 33: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel—and Keep in Touch!
  11. Epilogue: Beyond the Close
  12. Appendix A: Sample Cold Calling Scripts
  13. Appendix B: Sample Sales Dialogues
  14. Appendix C: Seven Questions You Should Be Able to Answer about Your Prospect Before You Try to Close the Deal
  15. Appendix D: Six Tactical Questions You Should Be Able to Answer about Any Prospect You Plan to Close
  16. Appendix E: Eight Foundation Principles of Effective Negotiating
  17. Appendix F: Eleven Practical Rules for Negotiating the Best Deal
  18. Appendix G: The Sales Negotiation Model
  19. About the Author