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Closeup Shooting

Book Description

Close-up photography is one of the most fascinating areas in photography. This illustrated guide will take the reader on a journey into the wonderful world of small, smaller, and smallest objects and show him how he can capture their beauty with photographic images. Each step of the way will be carefully explained; how to choose the right equipment, how to use ambient light or create artificial lighting, and how to conceptualize and frame the perfect shot.

Whereas the nature photographer is exploring facets and structures in his environment, the "table top photographer" is trying to shoot a small object, a product, or a small treasure for display on the web (e.g., eBay) or in print. Here, the choice of the appropriate lighting and backdrop, and the creative use of the camera's features are key to a perfect image.

Cyrill Harnischmacher explains all aspects of close-up shooting for both inside the studio, as well as outdoors. This book is filled with beautifully illustrated examples and detailed instructions on how to set up a system and workflow for successful close-up photography.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Insights into New Worlds
  6. Contents
  7. The Basics
    1. Magnification Ratio
    2. Circles of Confusion
    3. Depth of Field
    4. Camera Format
    5. Aperture and Diffraction
    6. Shutter Speeds
  8. Extreme Closeup
  9. Choosing the Right Camera
    1. Analog Compact Cameras
    2. Digital Compact Cameras
    3. Digital Bridge Cameras
    4. Digital Single-Lens Reflex Cameras
    5. Analog Single-Lens Reflex Cameras
  10. Standard Lenses
  11. Closeup Lenses
  12. Extension Tubes & Teleconverters
  13. Reversed Lenses
  14. Bellows
  15. Closeup Lenses
  16. Specialized Equipment
    1. Zoerk Macroscope
    2. Canon Magnifying Lens
  17. The Zoerk Multi Focus System
  18. Closeup Equipment
    1. Accessory Stands
    2. Air Blower
    3. Brush
    4. Building Blocks
    5. Cable Release, Remote Control, and Infrared Release
    6. Cardboard
    7. Clamps
    8. Colored Foil
    9. Cotton Swabs
    10. Eva Foam
    11. Flashlight
    12. Flash Bounce Shoe Adapter
    13. Flash Brackets
    14. Flash & Slave
    15. Focusing Rail
    16. Gray Card
    17. Ground Spike
    18. Hot Glue Gun
    19. Mirror
    20. Modeling Clay
    21. Right-Angle Finder
    22. Reflectors
    23. Tabletop Tripod
    24. Tape
    25. Tweezers
    26. Viewfinder Loupe
    27. White Balance Card
  19. Tripods, Tilts, and Ball Heads
  20. The Most Important Filters
    1. UV Filter
    2. Skylight Filter
    3. Polarizing Filter
    4. Warming Filters
    5. Neutral Density Filters
    6. Graduated Filters
    7. Special Effect Filters
    8. Conversion Filters
    9. Infrared Filters
  21. Daylight
  22. Artificial Light
    1. Incandescent and Halogen Lights
    2. Fluorescent Lights
    3. Daylight Lamps & Tubes
    4. LED Lights
  23. Flash Lighting
  24. Controlling Flash
  25. Flash Lighting Used Creatively
  26. Closeup Paradise in the Meadow
  27. Strategies for Sharp Images
    1. Blurring
    2. Out of Focus While Using a Tripod
    3. Motion Blur
    4. Incorrect Focal Point
    5. Handheld Closeup Photography
  28. During All Seasons
  29. Travel Closeup Photography
    1. Know Your Subject
    2. Closeup Photography On the Road
    3. Safety Considerations
  30. Underwater Closeup Photography
  31. Tabletop Photography
  32. Product Shots
  33. Comparison in Lighting
  34. Imaging Techniques
    1. Completely White Background
    2. Backlight and Black Background
    3. Setting Light Accents
    4. Reproductions
    5. Translucent Light
    6. Freezing Motion
    7. Stroboscope Flash
    8. Reflecting Windows
    9. Multiple Exposures
    10. Infrared Closeup Photography
    11. Ring Flash Used Creatively
  35. Building Your Own Equipment
  36. Projection Spots
  37. Beanbag Tripod
  38. Split-Level-Box
  39. Reflector Card
  40. Softbox Attached to Hot-Shoe Flash