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Civil War Stories

Book Description

Stories from - and about - a nation divided.

At the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post, the Civil War has held an enduring fascination for both readers and writers. Raging from 1861-1865, the Battle Between the States has left a lasting imprint on the United States' collective psyche for 150 years. CIVIL WAR STORIES: A 105th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION aggregates historical data with contemporary reflections, as journalists and historians put the bloody war into context:

- A timeline of Lincoln's candidacy - and what may have happened if he had lost the election
- An ode to West Virginia, which abandoned Virginia rather than secede from the Union
- The obstacles faced by emancipated slaves
- Women in the federal workforce - and disguised as men on the battlefields
- The modern anti-slavery crusade of Frederick Douglass' great-great-great-grandson

Personal stories of tragedy and triumph still resonate today. From biographical histories to examinations of the war's legacies, Civil War Stories: A 150th Anniversary Collection is a unique compilation of stories of when our nation was divided.
Stories from - and about - a nation divided.

Table of Contents

  1. Civil War Stories: A 150th Anniversary Collection
  2. Civil War Stories
  3. Copyright
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Introduction
  7. Painful lessons the Civil War taught us
  8. The speech that sold Candidate Lincoln
  9. A less-than-monumental city
  10. The photographer who went to war: Matthew Brady was famous for his portraiture. Then the fighting started.
  11. Emancipating the narrative: Ed Ayers wants the country to remember that the war was about more than battlefields
  12. Out of Virginia's attics, voices from the past
  13. Cast of Characters: The stories behind the Civil War's famous names
  14. Editorials: Reaction to Lincoln's win
  15. If Lincoln had lost the election, would there have been a war? A panel of Civil War experts -- from academia, the world of letters, archives, museums and assorted other sources -- answer questions posed by The Washington Post and readers.
  17. Fort Sumter's fateful moment: People watched the shot arc overhead. Few grasped the ultimate meaning of what had just unfolded. They could not imagine the bloodshed to come, or the end of slavery.
  18. War sounded glorious--until people started dying
  19. A war of all heroes and no villains: The eagerness to forgive and forget has obscured the reason the nation took up arms
  20. West Virginia: The state that said no
  21. Hunting for the Confederacy in D.C.
  22. Alexandria: A city invaded, a city spared
  23. Cast of Characters: At the onset of war
  24. By attempting to resupply Fort Sumter, did President Lincoln deliberately provoke the war?
  25. Editorials: Reaction to War
  26. Everyone's an expert when it comes to the Civil War
  27. Civil War soldier's heartbreaking farewell letter was written before death at Bull Run
  29. A war shaped by rivers: Union rout at Ball's Bluff showed waterways were not to be ignored
  30. Deemed a savior, then a failure: McClellan zoomed up the Union ranks--and fell just as quickly
  31. The wrenching road to freedom: In D.C., bonds of slavery broke early, but plenty of obstacles remained
  32. In Washington, raising an army of bureaucrats: Greenbacks, income tax, female workers -- war drove federal expansion
  33. A death that cast a pall over the White House: Lincoln, resolute in the face of war, buckled under loss of his son
  34. A descendant battles for a corporal's recognition
  35. Cast of Characters
  36. What is the greatest overlooked story of the Civil War for the period between the battles of Ball's Bluff and Shiloh?
  38. Technology and mayhem: Innovations in weaponry, transportation and communications increased the efficiency and brutality of battle
  39. The Monitor's secrets
  40. Washington's press corps: Blame it on the Civil War
  41. My God, what a slaughter' Lee's Army of Northern Virginia never again came as close to destroying a Federal army as it did at Second Manassas
  42. In defense of McClellan: A contrarian view
  43. The 'she-devils' of the Shenandoah Valley held their own
  44. Cast of Characters
  45. An audacious escape to freedom: Robert Smalls seized a ship and piloted it to a new life -- and proved that blacks could fight for the Union
  46. Which event in the period between Shiloh and Antietam did not receive the attention it deserves?
  47. Lincoln and Abolition: Two Views
  48. Crewmen of USS Monitor are buried at Arlington
  50. The Freedom Conundrum: While writing the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln confronted the limits of democracy
  51. Freed from shackle but still bound: For millions of African Americans, emancipation came with no helping hand
  52. The late-blooming activist: Frederick Douglass's great-great-great grandson played down his heritage--until it forced him into action
  53. Was Anna Ella Carroll the forgotten heroine of the Civil War?
  54. Antietam's bloody, defining day
  55. At Harper's Ferry, a prelude to slaughter
  56. In defense of McClellan at Antietam: A contrarian view
  57. Confederate raider Mosby was a master of surprise
  58. Cast of Characters
  60. Gettysburg: A furious battle and a fatal mistake lead to an epic slaughter
  61. The Confederate soldier in the family tree
  62. The shifting strategy of preservation: How Civil War battlefields have changed
  63. For Stonewall Jackson, a final victory that led to Confederate catastrophe
  64. Cast of Characters
  65. Women soldiers fought, bled and died in the Civil War, then were forgotten
  66. The draft begins, sparking deadly riots
  67. Washington's Civil War madam could keep a secret
  68. A blueprint for America takes shape
  69. Panelists
  70. Editorials
  72. Montgomery Meigs's vital influence on the Civil War - and Washington
  73. A Tragedy's Second Act
  74. Restored Civil War flag resurrects some rebel ‘Greys'
  75. Man in Civil War photo, long unidentified, finally gets his name back
  76. Invalid boy's diary focus of Library of Congress Civil War exhibit
  77. Civil War faces live again at Library of Congress
  78. Alexander Gardner: The mysteries of the Civil War's photographic giant
  79. How Julia Ward Howe wrote ‘"Battle Hymn of the Republic" - despite her husband
  80. Ghosts of the Union's black soldiers rise from Loudoun County's past
  81. D.C. emancipation tallied the price of freedom
  82. Lee's surrender sword, and echoes of the Lost Cause, at new Appomattox museum
  83. Faces of the Civil War, staring out across the decades
  84. U.S. Grant was the great hero of the Civil War but lost favor with historians
  85. At Battle of the Crater, black troops prove their courage
  86. Arlington National Cemetery, and the fight over Robert E. Lee's home
  87. The Battle of Bethesda: A daylong firefight in Jubal Early's march into Washington
  88. Washington Revels' "Voices of the Civil War"
  89. 8 overlooked Civil War moments from 1864 that could have changed history
  90. Cast of Supporting Characters
  91. After Spotsylvania, Grant and Lee waged relentless warfare through Virginia
  92. More from the Washington Post
  93. Connect with Diversion Books