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CINEMA 4D, 3rd Edition

Book Description

Cinema 4D is a fully integrated 3D modeling, animation, and rendering package used extensively in the film, television, science, architecture, engineering and other industries. Generally ranked as the 3rd most widely-used 3Dapplication Cinema 4D is widely praised for its stability, speed and ease of use. Recent film and broadcast productions that have used Cinema 4D include Open Season, Monster House, Superman Returns, Polar Express, Monday Night Football. This third edition of Cinema 4D is updated to address the latest release of the application as well as its critically acclaimed MoGraph module. Packed with 4 color illustrations of wacky and wonderful models that engage and inspire novice and seasoned users alike, this artist’s project sourcebook teaches how to use the application with a tutorial approach that gets the reader creating 3D objects in the very first pages, and builds skills progressively as they proceed to learn the complete toolset.

*Lavishly illustrated in 4 colors, this book is your key to making the creative leap to 3D, providing essential concepts and techniques that will help you realize your artistic vision

*Engaging and whimsical style of presentation provides both entertainment as you read as well as creative inspiration for your own projects

*Companion DVD with project files, tutorial media, and over 150 pages of both beginner and advanced bonus tutorials. The DVD is not included with the E-book.  Please visit http://booksite.focalpress.com/companion/9780240814506/ to access the DVD content.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
    1. Acknowledgements
    2. Who This Book Is For and How It’s Different
    3. The DVD
    4. The 4D Environment and Workflow
    5. Introduction to the Basics of CINEMA 4D
    6. Content Browser
    7. Layer Browser
    8. Preferences
  7. 1 The Power of Primitives
    1. Ornament Project
    2. Greek Pool
    3. The Desert Scene Project
  8. 2 Under the Hood
    1. MoGraph Mace
    2. City Building
    3. Modeling a Spaceship
  9. 3 NURBS Modeling Tools
    1. 3D 101: The Vase
    2. Skull Mask Extrude
    3. Creating a Shovel with a Bezier NURBS
  10. 4 Deformers and Other Modeling Helpers
    1. Bend and Boolean Lock Project
    2. Wind Deformer Flag
    3. MetaBall
  11. 5 Materials in Depth
    1. Shaders
    2. Channel Shaders
    3. Planet Texturing Project
    4. Island of Displacement
  12. 6 Better under Lights
    1. Creating and Animating a SearchLight
    2. Intro to GI: Lighting with Objects
    3. Lighting a Product
    4. No GI…..No Problem
  13. 7 Animation Basics
    1. Butterfly Project 183
    2. Controlling Animation with Rail Splines & F-Curves 196
  14. 8 Head Shots
    1. Modeling a Character Head
    2. Animating a Character with Pose Morph
  15. 9 Rigging a Character
    1. Creating the Joints
    2. Mirroring/Binding/Weighting
  16. 10 Cameras in Control
    1. Setting Up a Camera to Animate along a Helix Spline
    2. The Stage Object: Uitlizing Multiple Cameras
    3. Depth of Field
    4. CINEMA 4D in Production: An Interview with Chris Smith
  17. 11 The Art of Rendering
    1. Investigating Render Settings
    2. Multi-Pass Rendering
    3. CineMan: Integrate Pixar’s RenderMan into your CINEMA 4D workflow
  18. 12 A Jolt of Xpresso
    1. School of Fish
    2. Thinking Particles: PBlurp
  19. 13 BodyPaint: The Artist’s Connection
    1. Painting a Book in BodyPaint
    2. BodyPaint UV Editing
    3. Projection Man
    4. CINEMA 4D in Production: An Interview with Tom Quach
  20. 14 Tips on Type
    1. Extruding Text
    2. Deformers on Type
    3. Sweep Text
    4. Sweep Along Text
    5. MoText Introduction
    6. Animate MoText with the Random Effector
    7. Making Specialized Fonts with the Spline Mask
    8. PolyFX
  21. 15 More out of MoGraph
    1. Spline Effector
    2. MoGraph Tracer
    3. MoGraph Sound Effector
    4. MoSpline
    5. CINEMA 4D in Production: An Interview with Rob Garrott
  22. 16 After Effects Integration
    1. Part 1: Setting Up a Simple Scene fo AE Integration
    2. Part 2: Setting Up Tags and Render Settings
    3. Part 3: Importing and Compositing in AE
  23. 17 Dynamics and Special Effects
    1. Rigid Body Dynamics
    2. The Fracture Object
    3. Cloth Dynamics
    4. Cloner Soft Body Dynamics and Baking the Dynamic Calculations
    5. PyroCluster
    6. Creating a Fantasy Landscape with Hair
    7. Headdress Project
  24. 18 Stereoscopic Content Creation in CINEMA 4D
    1. Creating a Stereoscopic Rig in C4D using Xpresso
    2. Creating a Stereoscopic Scene
    3. Compositing Stereo Images in Photoshop
    4. SVI Stereo 3D Editor Plug-in 2.3
  25. 19 CINEMA 4D and Friends
    1. Vue 9xStream Integration
  26. Index