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Chartered Public Relations

Book Description

Published as part of the 2015 tenth anniversary celebrations of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)'s Royal Charter, Chartered Public Relations is an anthology of modern-day public relations best practice from Chartered Public Relations practitioners. It makes a valuable contribution to the advancement of public relations thinking worldwide by addressing the most current discussions on topics such as qualification of results in public relations, internal communications, freedom of information, global communication and more.Chartered Public Relations discusses in detail, among other things, the shift to the open organisation, the application of best practice in different markets and the impact of the globalisation of markets in public relations. Featuring contributions from public relations experts from a plethora of industries and companies including Specsavers, Thomson Reuters, Pielle Consulting and the University of Cambridge, it will inspire a new wave of professionals to take up the challenge of achieving Chartered PR Practitioner status.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover page
  2. Title page
  3. Imprint
  4. Table of contents
  5. Foreword
  6. About Chartered Public Relations: Lessons from Expert Practitioners
  7. Becoming a Chartered Public Relations Practitioner
  8. Part I: The shift to the open organization
    1. 01 Putting citizens at the heart of public relations: Public relations and public value
    2. 02 Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose for public relations?
    3. 03 Death or rebirth?: A digital future for PR
    4. 04 Freedom of Information: Is it changing the way we do PR?
    5. 05 The future practitioner
    6. 06 Communications shared services in the public sector: An idea whose time has come or a passing phase?
  9. Part II: Developing areas of practice
    1. 07 Passport to the win-win zone? The role of psychology in public relations practice and education
    2. 08 An analysis of the role of quantification in public relations evaluation
    3. 09 Internal communications: Poor relation or powerhouse?
    4. 10 Communicable viruses: The adaptation of the public relations profession to the changing anatomy of the web
    5. 11 Communications micro-strategies
    6. 12 Is public relations evolving into reputation management?
  10. Part III: The application of best practice in markets
    1. 13 Engineering the future?: Using influence to benefit society
    2. 14 Defining the defence communicator
    3. 15 The evolution of UK public relations consultancies from 1984 to 2009
  11. Part IV: International – the impact of the globalization of markets on public relations
    1. 16 What does it take to be a global communications professional?
    2. 17 Globalization and national economic development: A role for public relations and communication management
  12. Part V: Reflections – an examination of the fundamental theories of public relations and their application to modern practice
    1. 18 Is excellence in public relations beyond our reach?
    2. 19 The roadmap to excellence in public relations
    3. 20 A critical review: The four models of public relations and the excellence theory in an era of digital communication
  13. Index
  14. Full imprint