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Changing When Times are Tough

Video Description

Change can be powerful and open up remarkable opportunities for individuals and businesses. But for many it is traumatic and emotional. If you want to cope with change or manage change successfully, this program will provide breakthrough information and skills. Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry provide insights and practical strategies to successfully cope with change and manage others going through change.

The four video chapters are:

  1. How to Cope in Harsh Times: 9 minutes In this stimulating program Eve Ash, Psychologist and founder of Seven Dimensions, provides practical strategies for coping during difficult times. Discussion includes understanding the impact of positive and negative thoughts, strategies for regaining a sense of control and planning for a positive future.
  2. Managing Change in Tough Times: 12 minutes Many external influences can impact the success of a business - natural disasters, financial crises, epidemics, and even terrorism. In this program Psychologist Peter Quarry talks with Glenyce Johnson, Managing Director of Peregrine Adventures, about her management strategies and business experiences during tough times. Topics include downsizing, planning, communication and understanding risks.
  3. Coping with Change: 15 minutes Change happens within organizations at a rapid rate. The majority of employees find it hard to cope with and can become quite distraught with the process. Employees need to provide reassurance and support through times of change. Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry provide strategies and ideas to successfully cope with change.
  4. Manage Change Successfully: 16 minutes Learn the four personal qualities to successfully manage change as well as the planning and implementation skills required. Find out how to gain commitment and overcome resistance.