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Change Is Everybody’s Business

Book Description

Change is happening all the time, both planned and unplanned. It's how people respond to change that determines their personal success and, ultimately, the success of their entire organization. Change Is Everybody's Business provides insights and action ideas for people in all workplace roles so they can be conscious and influential participants in change. The author points out that executives can formulate strategy but it's the everyday actions of lower-level employees that make change happen. She demonstrates how everyone in an organization has the ability to make positive changes, beginning by acknowledging the power they already have. Written in a conversational and supportive style, the book outlines the beliefs, skills, and actions that will enable anyone to welcome and take advantage of change rather than fear and resist it. Black-and-white illustrations throughout are included.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. An important note from the author to you
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Foreword
    1. BY KENNETH BLANCHARD, PH.D Co-Author, The One Minute Manager®
  7. Introduction: Claim Your Change Power
  8. PART I: Powerful Beliefs
    1. A Recent History of Beliefs
    2. Belief 1: What is ‘Normal’
    3. Belief 2: On Resistance and Negative Emotions
    4. Belief 3: When Change Starts
    5. Belief 4: How Deliberate Change Happens
    6. Belief 5: When to Commit
    7. Belief 6: The Role of Formal Leaders
    8. Belief 7: The Role of Followers
    9. Part I Conclusion
      1. 7 Empowering Beliefs About Change
      2. What is Your Empowering Belief Quotient?
      3. Guide to Interpreting “What is Your Empowering Belief Quotient?”
  9. PART II: Powerful Character
    1. Character Lesson 1: Stand for Something
    2. Character Lesson 2: Be Aware of Your Beliefs and Assumptions
    3. Character Lesson 3: Use Your Emotions
    4. Character Lesson 4: Add Value in Your World
      1. The Practicalities
    5. Part II Conclusion
    6. How Empowering is Your Character?
    7. A Questionnaire
  10. PART III: Powerful Actions
    1. Action Lesson 1: Be a Business
    2. Action Lesson 2: Develop Information Age Skills
    3. Action Lesson 3: Be Your Own Human Resource Manager
      1. Have Clear Performance Goals
      2. Go After the Work That Uses Your Motivated Competencies Where there is energy, there is action.
      3. Find Out What Your Competencies are Worth
      4. Have a Vision of Your Future
      5. Develop Networks
      6. Have an Active Learning Agenda
    4. Action Lesson 4: Take Charge of Your Own Change Process
    5. Part III Conclusion
    6. How Empowered are Your Actions?
      1. A Questionnaire
      2. Section A: Be a Business
      3. Section B: Develop Information Age Skills
      4. Section C: Be Your Own Human Resource Manager
      5. Section D: Take Charge of Change
  11. Afterword
  12. Resources for Continued Learning
  13. Index
  14. About the Author
  15. About McLagan International, Inc.
  16. Berrett-Koehler Publishers