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C# in Depth, Second Edition

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Chapter 16. Whither now?

This chapter covers

  • The evolution of C#
  • .NET meets computer science
  • How you can make a difference
  • The wider world of computing

So that’s C#—as far as version 4, anyway. Rather than leave you with an abrupt context switch from Code Contracts to the appendixes, I wanted to wind down with a few thoughts about how far we’ve come and where we might be going.

Of course, any forward-looking statements expressed in this chapter should be taken with a large bucket of salt. Please don’t try to return this book for a refund if I’m completely wrong. Retrospective statements are likely—but not guaranteed—to be more accurate.

These musings cover more than just C#, but that’ll be our starting point. From there we’ll work outward, ...

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