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C# in Depth, Second Edition

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Chapter 11. Query expressions and LINQ to Objects

This chapter covers

  • Streaming sequences of data
  • Deferred execution
  • Standard query operators
  • Translating query expressions
  • Range variables and transparent identifiers
  • Projecting, filtering, and sorting
  • Joining and grouping
  • Choosing which syntax to use

You may be tired of all the hyperbole around LINQ by now. We’ve already seen some examples earlier in the book, and you’ve almost certainly read a lot about it on the web. This is where we separate myth from reality:

  • LINQ isn’t going to turn the most complicated query into a one-liner.
  • LINQ isn’t going to mean you never need to look at raw SQL again.
  • LINQ isn’t going to magically imbue you with architectural genius.

Given all that, ...

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