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Business Responsibilities

Video Description

An essential program for every manager and all members of a leadership team on critical business responsibilities to ensure best practice. Learn practical strategies from psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry, on how to achieve best practice, reduce absenteeism, deliver on ethics and privacy, develop corporate social responsibility, and create a healthy culture with zero tolerance for harassment and bullying.

The seven video chapters are:

  1. Best Practice Workplace Checklist: 15 minutes Leaders need to create excellent workplaces where people are satisfied and productivity is high. Find out the top ten strategies to ensure your workplace is 'best practice'.
  2. An Introduction to Business Ethics: 19 minutes Find out why companies are concerned about ethics and what they are doing. Learn how to handle an ethical dilemma if confronted with one.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility: 15 minutes Peter Quarry interviews Ann Sherry, (AO) CEO, Carnival Australia. In this timely program, Ann Sherry, recipient of the Australian Centenary Medal for work in providing banking services to disadvantaged communities, discusses the wider benefits of corporate social responsibility and how to incorporate social responsibility in your organization.
  4. Privacy Issues: 13 minutes Privacy, and the protection of personal information, is becoming a hot topic as technology develops. Peter Quarry, psychologist, interviews Damien Smith, lawyer and Managing Director of Enterprise Care. They explore the tension between living in the modern world and maintaining privacy, and what makes a privacy policy is robust.
  5. Overcoming Harassment: 19 minutes Learn simple techniques for dealing with harassment and changing the situation. Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry discuss how to deal with harassment.
  6. Eliminating Workplace Bullying: 14 minutes Develop an organizational policy that helps victims as well as those with bullying behavior to recognize and resolve the problem.
  7. Reducing Absenteeism: 14 minutes Understand the impact of absenteeism. Implement a policy, an education program and specific strategies to reduce it.