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Building the Learning Organization, 3rd edition: Achieving Strategic Advantage through a Commitment to Learning

Book Description

From technology and globalization to the increaing power of customers, the forces that have created the seismic changes in business today also serve as the foundation stones for the next generation of learning organizations. This book shows how to follow the path forged by such world-class leaders as Nokia, Lcoa and Canadian Imperial Bank to adapt and survive broad-based change and scale the ladder of corporate learning. In the second edition of this title, Michael Marquardt brings up to date his advice on how to harness the collective genius of people in organizations to build, maintain and sustain the power of his Systems Learning Organization model and to illustrate how each of the five subsystems - learning, organization, knowledge and technology - support and energize eachother. With specific recommendations for using the tools of action learning to build each of the critical subsystems, this resource includes assessments, examples and actions steps for reaching the next stage of organizational success.