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Book Description

Tag clouds are everywhere on the web these days. First popularized by the web sites Flickr, Technorati, and, these amorphous clumps of words now appear on a slew of web sites as visual evidence of their membership in the elite corps of "Web 2.0." This PDF analyzes what is and isn't a tag cloud, offers design tips for using them effectively, and then goes on to show how to collect tags and display them in the tag cloud format. Scripts are provided in Perl and PHP.

Yes, some have said tag clouds are a fad. But as you will see, tag clouds, when used properly, have real merits. More importantly, the skills you learn in making your own tag clouds enable you to make other interesting kinds of interfaces that will outlast the mercurial fads of this year or the next.

Table of Contents

  1. Building Tag Clouds in Perl and PHP
    1. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
    2. Copyright
    3. Building Tag Clouds in Perl and PHP
    4. 1. Tag Clouds: Ephemeral or Enduring?
    5. 2. Weighted Lists
      1. 1.1. Creating Weighted Lists
        1. 1.1.1. A: Visual Features
        2. 1.1.2. B: Underlying Data
      2. 1.2. Tag Cloud Properties
      3. 1.3. The Utility of Tag Clouds
    6. 3. Some History
    7. 4. Design Tips for Building Tag Clouds
      1. 4.1. Choose the Right Language
      2. 4.2. Make Your Tag Clouds Visible to Search Engines
      3. 4.3. Frequency Sorting
      4. 4.4. Avoid Random Mappings
      5. 4.5. Make Tag Clouds Relevant to Your Users
      6. 4.6. Try Different Mappings
    8. 5. Making Tag Clouds in Perl
      1. 5.1. Collecting Tags
      2. 5.2. Collecting Genesis Words in Perl
      3. 5.3. Collecting Tags in Perl
      4. 5.4. Displaying Tags In Perl Using HTML::TagCloud
      5. 5.5. Displaying Tags In Perl Using Your Own Code
      6. 5.6. Magnifying the Long Tail (Inverse Power Mapping in Perl)
    9. 6. Making Tag Clouds in PHP
      1. 6.1. Collecting Tags
      2. 6.2. Collecting Genesis Words in PHP
      3. 6.3. Collecting Tags in PHP
      4. 6.4. Display Tags in PHP
      5. 6.5. Magnifying the Long Tail (Inverse Power Mapping in PHP)
    10. 7. Conclusion