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Building Extreme PCs

Book Description

The bland beige box is dead. Fueled by a passion for performance and an eye for style, a new breed of PC user is taking matters into its own hands. Combining cutting-edge components with the latest trends in system design, they're turning the standard personal computer into a high-speed work of art.

Building Extreme PCs is the ultimate guide to the world of PC modification and customization. Both a showcase and a DIY handbook, it goes in-depth into system building, overclocking, cooling, and modification, reveals the secrets of optimization and benchmarking, then moves on to cover some of the most exciting and inspirational custombuilt systems around. From silent systems to multi-processor monsters, from gaming powerhouses to neon-lit speed machines, this book has it all, complete with guidance from the people who made them.

Ben Hardwidge is the news and features editor of the leading U.K. enthusiast magazine Custom PC, and has spent five years working for computer magazines.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. foreword
  3. Introduction
    1. Where it all began
    2. Where it all began 2
    3. Beyond the DIY system
    4. PC enthusiasm today
    5. But why?
  4. The basics
    1. Processors
    2. Processors—Pipelines and floating point units
    3. Processors—Instructions and cache
    4. Processors—multi-processing and 64-bit CPUs
    5. Motherboards—buses and sockets
    6. Motherboards—slots
    7. Layout and cooling
    8. Memory
    9. Hard drives
    10. Power supplies
    11. Graphically speaking
    12. What has NVIDIA ever done for us?
    13. More shaders and pipelines
    14. Anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering
    15. Two heads are better than one
    16. Monitors
    17. Speaker types
    18. Keyboards and mice
  5. Cooling
    1. Keep your cool
    2. Air cooling
    3. Cooling principles
    4. TIM
    5. Water of life
    6. Different setups
    7. Setting up water cooling
    8. The next phase
  6. Seen and heard
    1. Silence of the fans
    2. Silence of the fans 2
    3. Lighting
    4. Cool stuff
    5. Case mods
    6. Modding tools
  7. Building and testing a system
    1. Building a system 1
    2. Building a system 2
    3. Building a system 3
    4. Installing Windows XP
    5. Installing Windows XP 2
    6. Optimizing Windows XP
    7. Optimizing Windows XP 2
    8. Customizing Windows XP
    9. 64-bit Windows XP and the future
    10. Overclocking—an introduction to the dark art
    11. Overclockable components
    12. What is Stepping?
    13. Overclocking the CPU
    14. Overclocking the CPU 2
    15. It's all about timing
    16. Overclocking your memory
    17. Overclocking your graphics card
    18. Making your mark
    19. 2D benchmarks
    20. 2D benchmarks 2
    21. 3D benchmarks
    22. 3D benchmarks 2
  8. Showcase
    1. Voodoo Omen Extreme Gamer
    2. Alienware Aurora 7500SLI
    3. Dell Dimension XPS
    4. Real Machines RX1
    5. DIGN X15e
    6. The small form factor PC
    7. Armari Iwill ZPC64
    8. Hoojum Cubit
    9. Armari Z64DW SFF Workstation
    10. Hush ATX
    11. Zalman TNN 500AF
    12. R2D2
    13. The iGrill
    14. The Windows XP box
    15. Project Guitar
    16. Project Sinclair PC200
    17. AmmoLAN
    18. Ford Focus
    19. Hellraiser
    20. The Boombox PC
    21. Orac3
    22. The LAN Truck
    23. Hypercube2
    24. Pink Floyd—The Wall
  9. Glossary
  10. Technical websites and further resources
  11. Acknowledgments